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EdTech Essentials: 12 Strategies for Every Classroom in the Age of AI

It’s almost here! The new edition of my book EdTech Essentials is now available to order and will start shipping next week. In today’s blog post, I’m excited to tell you all about what’s new in EdTech Essentials: 12 Strategies for Every Classroom in the Age of AI, 2nd Edition

The first edition, titled EdTech Essentials: The Top 10 Technology Strategies for All Learning Environments, came out in the summer of 2021. Three years later, I’ve updated the book, and it’s now a joint publication from ISTE and ASCD. 

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the new features in the 2nd edition!

Limited Time: EdTech Essentials Book Bonus

To celebrate the launch, I am offering special bonus items for those who order the book within the first few weeks. When you purchase EdTech Essentials 2nd Edition, you’ll receive:

  1. Audio Version of the Introduction: Listen to the introduction on the go and get a head start on discovering how EdTech can transform your teaching.
  2. Interactive Appendix D: Gain access to an interactive version of Appendix D, featuring clickable links for 100+ EdTech Tools and Resources that will enhance your classroom experience.
  3. 5 Potty PD Posters: Enjoy these fun and informative posters featuring Chatbot Prompts from the book, perfect for a quick dose of professional development.

Here’s how you can claim your bonus items:

  1. Purchase EdTech Essentials 2nd Edition on Amazon by June 30th. Use my special Amazon affiliate link >>
  2. Forward your purchase confirmation email to my email [] and attach your receipt.
  3. You will receive an email with links to download your bonus items within 24 hours.

What’s New in the Second Edition of my EdTech Essentials Book

EdTech Essentials book cover

I’ve published a handful of books in the past decade and it’s such a joy and privilege to have the opportunity to revisit EdTech Essentials. You can now order the new edition on Amazon.

Here are six big things that are different in the 2nd edition.

Change of Focus

When the book came out in 2021, distance learning was still a big part of the conversations around edtech. Although we haven’t stopped talking about it, you might remember episode 261 of my Easy EdTech Podcast, “What We’re Still Learning from Pandemic Teaching with Dr. Faiza Jamil.” Our conversations have shifted a bit. We’re talking less about distance learning and more about the impact of AI. So, one new feature in the 2nd edition is a shift in focus from distance learning to the current conversation in EdTech, particularly the impact of AI.

AI Connection

That brings us to the second key update: the AI connection. In the first edition, we were thinking about AI, but now it’s even part of the title, EdTech Essentials: 12 Strategies for Every Classroom in the Age of AI. Although it’s not a book solely about AI in education, AI connections are integrated throughout all 12 chapters. There is a particular focus on how AI impacts instructional design and lesson planning.

Two New Chapters

The title of the book has expanded from 10 to 12 essentials, with two new chapters in the second edition. The first new chapter is “Generate Ideas and Resources with Artificial Intelligence.” This chapter focuses on creating supplemental resources to support your instructional needs. You’ll find tips for using chatbots and AI-powered tools to create differentiated activities and lessons for a whole class of students. The second new chapter is “Evaluate Digital Content with an AI Mindset.” It offers strategies for navigating digital spaces where text, images, audio, and video can be AI-generated.

Lots of Prompts

As mentioned earlier, the new edition includes a significant AI connection. One notable addition is the inclusion of over 75 prompts. You’ll see a big bright circle on the cover of the book highlighting this feature. In addition to prompts in the Appendix, there are many prompts spread throughout the chapters.

Extra Educator Stories

The new edition also includes extra educator stories. QR codes throughout the book link to episodes of the Easy EdTech Podcast. In those episodes I discuss topics related to the essentials in the book with various guests. You’ll find stories from podcast guests like Dr. Cassidy Puckett and Sarah Wysocki, to name a few.

Discover the updated study guide for "EdTech Essentials" book: 12 AI strategies for classrooms.

New Study Guide

Additionally, there is a new version of the study guide for the 2nd edition. The study guide in the appendix and the digital version available at have been updated. It’s for readers to use individually or in groups.

I’m so excited to get this new edition of EdTech Essentials into your hands! If you search for me, Monica Burns, on Amazon, you’ll find this book along with my other books for educators. Be mindful that there is another author with the same name who writes spicier titles, so make sure to click on EdTech Essentials. If you already have a copy, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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Blog Author and EdTech Consultant Dr. Monica Burns

Monica Burns

Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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