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How to Give Students Extra Math Help with Yup

What could it look like if every student had access to extra help for math? Students can access on-demand math help if they struggle with a math problem or simply need support as they work through a new topic. Using a mobile device, they can connect with an expert tutor to pose a question and access support anytime they need it.

This school year, I had the chance to meet the team at Yup and learn about their platform. Yup gives math tutoring to students, so every child has the personalized support they need as they tackle challenging math problems. In today’s blog post, learn about Yup and how they provide extra help for math to students.

Extra Math Help

Students can access on-demand math extra help if they struggle with a math problem or simply need support as they work through a new topic.

Empathy, pedagogy, and precision are the three pillars Yup focuses on in all sessions. The mission at Yup is to empower all students to learn as they move through three pillars of instruction. As a result, students feel heard, supported, and successful in each session with their tutor (Empathy), tutors adapt to the complexity of a math problem and student skill level (Pedagogy), and tutors ensure student work is accurate and demonstrates attention to detail (Precision).

Although Yup is available for students to access after school hours, it may be a platform you want to integrate during the school day. On their website, you can learn a bit more about these integrations. This includes remote learning support for students who might have experienced interrupted instruction and targeted test prep ahead of exams.

How does Yup work?

When students encounter a challenging math problem, they can log into Yup to get support. First, students submit a math problem, and then Yup connects the student to a tutor. This connection happens in just seconds so the tutor and student can begin working on the problem together right away.

Students and the tutor communicate by chat using text messages, a digital whiteboard, and image sharing. After each session, the tutor provides comments on the student and their session for their teacher to review. These notes help teachers understand what areas students need extra support in or what type of questions they are asking for help on. Teachers can view this feedback and the session transcripts via the Yup dashboard.

Yup uses tutors with extensive math experience. Each tutor must pass two exams, one math-based exam and one teaching exam. Additionally, all Yup tutors must pass a background check. Students also give feedback after each session, and tutors receive grades based on a rubric after each session.

Students can access on-demand math extra help if they struggle with a math problem or simply need support as they work through a new topic.

Math Extra Help Tool

One of the things that caught my attention when I first took a look at Yup is how they call themselves the “Math Teacher Multiplier.” It’s a great way to explain how Yup helps take what students learn in the math classroom to the next level. As a former classroom teacher, I love how they highlight how Yup doesn’t replace the essential work of a teacher but helps increase the impact of their work.

As I mentioned above, one of the three pillars of instruction Yup focuses on is empathy. Tutors praise students for their effort and support a growth mindset. Math is a subject area that students might not feel as confident in if they haven’t had positive experiences in the past. The emphasis on empathy, in addition to pedagogy and precision, definitely grabbed my attention.

If you’re ready to learn more about Yup, you can schedule a demo to check it out. I was able to walk through the platform with one of their team members, who answered all of my questions as we took a look behind-the-scenes together. Head over to their page to learn more about Yup!

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