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All-in-One Tutoring Platform for Educators

This post is in partnership with Trilogy Mentors, all opinions are my own.

Have you thought about offering tutoring services to students? If the answer is yes, or if this is something you already do, I have a fantastic tutoring platform to tell you about. In this blog post, we’ll dive into Trilogy Mentors. You’ll learn about all of the features they offer teachers and students who participate in online tutoring.

Earlier this summer, I had a chance to connect with the team at Trilogy Mentors. They have a platform for teachers who tutor students and for organizations that offer tutoring services. This all-in-one tutoring platform is designed for educators who tutor students full-time or teachers who work with just a handful of students each week. Trilogy Mentors also supports schools, nonprofit organizations, and other educational groups who organize tutoring for their communities.

Let’s dive into the details together!

All-in-One Tutoring Platform

Created by a team of educators, Trilogy Mentors simplifies the process of transitioning online. They started as an in-person tutoring company and now have a comprehensive platform. The goal was to build an online space where relationships were front and center. 

Trilogy’s platform provides educators with an engaging and interactive online learning experience. Their online classroom features whiteboards so teachers can model strategies for students along with a live video feed to stay connected throughout a session. Teachers can quickly show off a new strategy or teach a new skill while remaining fully connected to their students. The video feed helps you pick up non-verbal cues to see when a student is frustrated, hesitant, or ready to celebrate an accomplishment.

Trilogy Mentors uses a single sign-on, fully secured platform to organize all parts of the tutoring process for students, teachers, and families. This makes it easy for everyone to log in, find what they need, and make sure a tutoring session is successful.

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Managing Your Tutoring Business

Many features make this all-in-one tutoring platform a compelling choice for teachers who tutor students. One feature that is certainly a standout are the tools for managing payments, scheduling, and the reports you’ll want to provide to students and families.

Within Trilogy Mentors, you’ll find post-session reports that create a call to action for both students and educators. This can help everyone reflect on a session and set up next steps before a future session. There are several business management tools built directly into their platform, too. Users will find tools to manage scheduling, billing, file sharing, and messaging in a single place. They also have a full support team that can help you make the most of all of these great features.

Online tutoring platform for teachers

A Comprehensive Tutoring Platform

Regular readers of the blog know that I’m always looking for EdTech tools that make your life easier. From saving time to streamlining systems, my goal is to share resources that make teaching and learning online simple.

I love how the Trilogy platform ties all of the pieces of the tutoring puzzle together. From a built-in online classroom to connect with students to all of the scheduling and billing, this comprehensive platform has you covered. Trilogy Mentors is relationship-focused. Their team of educators hosts free webinars and engages with clients in their free Facebook Educator Community!

In addition to individual tutors, Trilogy Mentors also supports tutoring organizations. So if you work with an organization like an afterschool program or micro/virtual school that offers tutoring services, you’ll want to take a look at this platform, too.

Readers of the blog can use the coupon code CLASSTECH50OFF for 50% off the first month of their subscription. Head over to Trilogy Mentor’s website to set up an account!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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