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On-Demand Hands-On Gamified Career Training for Students

This post is partnership with Circadence. All opinions are my own.

What does it look like to use gamified career training during distance learning? I connected with the team at Circadence earlier this year, and I’m excited to tell you about their platform. From independent study opportunities for students to cybersecurity and computer science electives, it might be just what you need this school year.

Educators across the nation are undergoing drastic changes due to the pandemic and figuring out how to adapt to virtual teaching for the upcoming school year. From class lectures to group assignments, 2020 has also shown us that distance learning must continue to evolve. It needs to be more intuitive, more engaging, and more accessible to instructors and students. 

Hands-On Virtual Learning for Students

In this blog post, I’m excited to share Circadence’s Project Ares, a platform I first heard about this summer. Since the beginning of the pandemic, educators have started to rethink how virtual instruction is delivered. We know that hybrid and multi-modal learning is here to stay. And we know that instructors need to embrace learning tools that inspire student engagement and collaboration.

What does it look like to customize learning experiences for students? Let’s dive into a resource you can use to introduce students to virtual learning for career building. 

Person sitting at desk learning cybersecurity

On-Demand Gamified Career Training

Cyber, IT, and STEM educators are experiencing unique challenges with transitioning to a virtual learning environment. Students learning technical theories and terms need practical experience to strengthen connections between concepts and applied practice. 

We know merely reading about stopping a malware intrusion without actually doing it themselves presents challenges. The cyber education experts at Circadence have a few insights and recommended tools to make virtual classroom teaching (and learning) easier and more enjoyable. These resources include hands-on learning for students using digital devices. 

Teaching Cybersecurity

Circadence’s Project Ares is an on-demand cyber range with gamified training scenarios for students. This platform gives users hands-on experience using virtual machines. This career-building tool will certainly help students learn the cyber skills they need to enter the cybersecurity industry.

Two people learning cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an industry where students demonstrate their problem solving, computer science, and collaborative skills. If you are teaching cybersecurity to students or thinking about introducing this topic as an elective or independent study for students, I definitely recommend taking a look at Circadence’s Project Ares.

How does it work? Students participate in gamified training modules built into the platform. They can work on their own or also as a group exploring cybersecurity and computer science skills. Students won’t need to have extensive background knowledge on cybersecurity since the program helps them build foundational skills and more advanced knowledge.

Group of people working together for career training

Career Training and Distance Learning

While students are learning at a distance, in a physical classroom, or a hybrid model, you might take an opportunity to revisit college and career readiness goals. Cybersecurity is a growing industry, and that requires specific skills students can build while learning remotely. 

If you’re interested in learning more about gamified career training with Circadence’s Project Ares and take a look at this information page or watch their on-demand webinar. The webinar is available to view at any time. If you are interested in exploring computer science and cybersecurity with your students, check out Circadence!

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