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Read Aloud eBooks with Adaptive Assessment

Where do your students find ebooks? Right now, the distance learning resources from AmEnglish are free for teachers and schools. If you support students with blended learning in the classroom or distance learning at home, you’ll want to check out these read aloud eBooks.

Earlier this year, I shared some news from the team at AmEnglish. You might remember this blog post where I talked about first meeting their team last year. AmEnglish provides students and teachers with access to interactive programs, including read-aloud eBooks

Read Aloud eBooks for Kids

If your students don’t have access to an extensive print library in a classroom or are learning from home away from school, ebooks are a fantastic option. This platform increases access to text for kids and provides an opportunity for them to read and build skills in a digital reading environment.

If you support students with blended learning in the classroom or distance learning at home, you’ll want to check out these read aloud eBooks.

Are your students using a variety of devices while learning at school or home? Students can access the content from AmEnglish on any device. They can even sign in and out of different devices if they share multiple ones at home. 

Get started with these free read aloud ebooks >>>

STEM eBooks for Kids 

There are two new interactive programs from AmEnglish. These programs introduce STEM concepts to students through high-interest reading activities. As soon as you log in, you’ll find a unique combination of poetry and natural science facts in these texts. Students can jump into high-interest reading material in a digital space with cross-curricular connections.

Students can access dozens of these STEM eBooks. Each title features a poem about an animal and the environment where it lives. When students listen to a book read aloud, the word lights up on the page. When students finish each passage, they’ll find an adaptive assessment designed to check for understanding. This adaptive assessment covers a variety of topics. These topics include rhymes, syllables, the stress in words, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

Adaptive Assessments for Reading Classrooms

In addition to the ebooks, AmEnglish also provides adaptive assessments. You’ll find one for each book covering their K-6 content. As you dive into the AmEnglish resources, you’ll see that their programs have distance learning in mind. The content includes multiple grade levels, and the programs work on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, Laptops, and computers. 

The AmEnglish platform includes student activity tracking, too. With this feature, teachers can monitor student progress and give feedback as needed. So, if you are supporting students in a traditional classroom setting or learning at a distance, you can track where and when students need help.

Vocabulary Resources and English Language Learners

If you support students with blended learning in the classroom or distance learning at home, you’ll want to check out these read aloud eBooks.

The read-aloud eBooks and corresponding adaptive assessments are just part of what AmEnglish has to offer. Alongside the STEM-focused ebooks, there is also a vocabulary builder for students. Students will find a resource with hundreds of vocabulary words. The words in each volume use targeted vocabulary in context.

AmEnglish also has resources for English Language Learners (ELL). This resource is for middle and high school students, and the content focuses on speaking, listening, and writing skills. What will you find in their ELL resources? Students will see speaking, listening, and writing skills covered, including subtopics like idioms, syntax, and more!

Remember, you can access these for free through June 2021!

To get started, use this link to schedule a 30-minute overview. Just scroll down the page and click on the “Schedule a Meeting” button. Or you can send an email to David on their team ( to get started. Head over to their website to learn more!

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