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A Robotics Kit (and Lessons) for Your STEM Program

With just a few days to go, I’m excited today to tell you about a new Kickstarter campaign. It features a low-cost learning platform perfect for STEM programs. The TechLabs TL1 SWARM Robotics Kit includes everything you’ll need for bringing robots into a STEM Program. 

The team at TechLabs reached out to me this spring to let me know more about what they’ve been working on this year. I’m always searching for low-cost resources for educators, and their inexpensive robotics learning platform kit is perfect for STEM programs. It is designed to work with the Micro:Bit, and comes with lesson plans and class content to help you put it into action.

Support their Kickstarter campaign to bring TL1 to life >>>

TechLabs TL1 SWARM Robotics Kit

As you can see in the video below, the TechLabs TL1 SWARM Robotics Kit includes the hardware you’ll need for building your own robot. Students can create a robot using the TechLabs platform. Students can build a robot with the pieces within the kit. You can have students use one robot on their own or create a swarm with their classmates.

I love how the video takes you through some of the curriculum connections that might not be front of mind when thinking of robotics in the classroom. Students can work together to create an experience that fosters collaboration.

What comes with the TechLabs TL1 SWARM Robotics Kit? In addition to getting everything you need to build a robot like the one above, you’ll receive access to curriculum materials to help you put these ideas into action. This includes access to a pre-built extension library for MicroBit: MakeCode and coding block templates. You’ll also get access to thirty one-hour lesson plans (available in English, German, and French) as well as support from their development staff and instructors.

Learn how this robotics kit can fit into your STEM program and how to use it in distance learning.

Robotics Kit and Distance Learning

Looking for ways to include STEM in distance learning initiatives? The TechLabs TL1 SWARM Robotics Kit provides an excellent opportunity to give students access to hands-on experiences at home. They can reuse a lot of the parts in the kit and capture their learning along the way!

In addition to distance learning activities organized by a school or district, the TechLabs TL1 SWARM Robotics Kit could be a good fit for summer programs that are going remote. The lesson plans are adaptable for different learning experiences, and of course, you can customize them for your group of students.

TechLabs TL1 SWARM Robotics Kit

Learn how this robotics kit can fit into your STEM program and how to use it in distance learning.

How does a Kickstarter campaign work? If you haven’t used Kickstarter before, it’s a platform where you can support projects in development and in need of funding. I’ve backed lots of Kickstarter campaigns before (including this one!), and excited to share this particular opportunity with you. It has a few different levels of support, including:

  • Early-Bird 1xTL SWARM Robot Kit without a Micro:Bit (about $100)
  • Early-Bird 1X TL SWARM Robot Kit with a Micro:Bit (about $115)
  • Early Bird Classroom Kit+Support without a Micro:Bit (about $895)
  • Early Bird Classroom Kit+Support with support (about $1000)
  • EdTech Supporter SWARM (about $9,900)

The lower levels of support are geared to teachers and small programs who want to be the first to get their hands on this kit. The higher levels of support are geared towards organizations with large initiatives to fund. This also includes donors who are looking for a creative way to support STEM programs in your community. If you have someone interested in supporting a school-based STEM program, you can share this link to learn more about the high-level support options.

Learn how this robotics kit can fit into your STEM program and how to use it in distance learning.

When you head over to the Kickstarter page, you’ll see the cost for each level of the campaign in CHF or Swiss Francs. This is almost dollar for dollar with the USD (U.S. Dollar). After choosing your support level, you’ll see the final pricing come through so you can confirm the conversion.

Head over to the TechLabs TL1 SWARM Robotics Kit Kickstarter page for all of the details. You’ll see a full breakdown of all the support levels and a timetable for receiving your own kit!

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