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Classroom Game for Vocabulary with a Home Connection!

Are you looking for a classroom game for vocabulary that can cover any subject in the K-6 curriculum? Futaba Classroom Games is an iPad app game for kids. In this blog post, I’ll share some key features of this multi-player app. You’ll also hear their big announcement on a new edition of Futaba for use outside of the classroom!

Futaba Classroom Games by INKids Education lets teachers place vocabulary into an engaging game format. If you haven’t heard of Futaba Classroom Games, it turns an iPad into a table game. Up to four students can play at a time. This feature makes it a great choice for moments when you want students to share a screen.

Futaba Classroom Games

How does it work? Students using Futaba Classroom Games will first see a question pop up on a spinner. In addition to the question coming up on their screen, students will also see a series of answers to select. They’ll choose the correct answer as quickly as possible to earn a point.

Teachers looking for a classroom game for vocabulary can use Futaba in school and recommend the new Home Edition to families.

I really like how students can use Futaba Classroom Games with a partner to collaboratively to practice vocabulary words. Students can talk about their selection before choosing if they wish. Or they can play more competitively.

Classroom Game for Vocabulary

This classroom game comes with a large library of questions. It covers a wide range of elementary subjects. The interface is specially designed for students in Kindergarten through sixth grade.

Teachers looking for a classroom game for vocabulary can use Futaba in school and recommend the new Home Edition to families.

Although it’s nice to have a library of questions to choose from, teachers can make up their own questions too. With this option, you can decide what the best fit for your group of students this year. So you can create questions and answer choices that are a good match for your group of students.

Futaba Home Edition

In the past, Futaba was only a classroom game. As a classroom game, teachers would set up questions, and students could play them during class. The folks at INKids Education have just come out with a companion version of Futaba. It is for students to play with at home and called Futaba Home Edition.

This version is compatible with any iOS device. So kids can use it on the smallest iPod to the biggest iPad, and of course, every iPhone in between. Students can use the same question sets that teachers use in Futaba Classroom Games, too. As the calendar year winds down, many schools are approaching extended breaks from school. So you might decide to recommend this app to families.

Students can practice vocabulary sets outside of class time. They can play with a friend, an artificial intelligence opponent, or via practice mode. This learning game is customizable for different subject areas and levels. You’ll even find a variety of STEM subjects.

Both versions of Futaba are available on iOS. Futaba Home Edition is offering a special introductory discount. Futaba Classroom Games also offers educational discounts. So if a school makes a bulk purchase, the cost comes down significantly.

Learn more about Futaba and the apps from their team by heading to INKids Education website. You’ll find the app download links there too!

Limited offer: The team at INKids Education is giving away 15 copies of Futaba Classroom Game for iPad. The offer is for a limited time. If you want to take advantage of it, email and tell him you read about the app here! [The offer runs until December 3, 2019 or the codes run out!]

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