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A Tool to Help Schools Go Paperless

The idea of going paperless isn’t about a buzzword. It’s about making the most of your time and staying organized throughout the school year. There are definitely times when you and your students will want to have a pencil in your hands. But when you want to digitize forms, automate routines, and keep track of information online, Script offers a solution for schools. Wondering how to go paperless this school year? In this blog post, I’ll share a tool to help!

How to Go Paperless

The folks at Script reached out to me earlier this fall. As you can see in their overview video below, Script provides a workflow for schools that makes it easy to go paperless. From individual school sites to districts serving thousands of students, Script can help educators digitize a variety of forms.

How does it work? You can start by taking a look at your current paper forms. Script lets you upload them to their website. Alternatively, you can build digital forms from within Script once you log in and create an account. There is also a form gallery with lots of options to explore. They’ll give you access to a drag and drop form builder. You can decide how you want the information in the form organized.

The dashboard within Script lets you know when someone completes a form. It also helps you figure out if there is certain information that is causing a bottleneck or making it hard for someone to figure out. You can also set up schedules within Script. If you collect new batches of information consistently over the school year, it helps you stay on track.

Learn how to go paperless this school year with a tool you can use to keep information organized and collect information from families.

Click here to –> Get started with Script!

Organizing Information for Families

With Script, schools can send forms directly to families. Parents can enter information and approve forms quickly. Schools can track when someone submits a form and monitor activity straight from their dashboard. All of the organization of materials is taken care of through Script. This even includes collected paperwork and money that families can submit.

If you need quick approval from a family member, Script makes it easy to send out requests. You can see if you need to follow up with anyone or if they need to submit additional information. 

Using Forms this School Year

In addition to communication with families, you can use Script for a variety of forms in your school. These forms can include details about upcoming student events and even keeping track of visits to a school nurse. If you register new students on-site or need to set up after school care, Script can come in handy.

Imagine you have a field trip coming up on your schedule. Field trip forms can be a pain to distribute and collect, especially when money is involved. You can use Script for field trip forms too.

Learn how to go paperless this school year with a tool you can use to keep information organized and collect information from families.

As a classroom teacher, I worked in a school with just a few hundred students. Keeping track of information for thirty students in my class was challenging enough. At the school level, Script can help you streamline data collection, whether you are working with a few hundred or several thousand students and families. You can connect the forms to specific departments or point people so everyone can stay on track with the information they need.

Head over to to learn more about how it can help your school automate data collection and go paperless this year!

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Blog Author and EdTech Consultant Dr. Monica Burns

Monica Burns

Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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