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Student-Driven Online Reading Program for Elementary Classrooms

How do you use technology to support readers in your school? If you are exploring reading tools for students, the team at Lexia has expanded its Core5 reading program. They made the announcement at ISTE in Philadelphia earlier this summer, and I’m excited to share more details in today’s blog post.

As a former upper elementary school teacher, I’m always intrigued by updates to popular tools geared toward this audience. Lexia Core5 Reading is for students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Within its game-like environment, students participate in personalized activities related to different areas of reading instruction. And teachers have access to student data gathered through those engaging activities.

Student-Driven Learning

With Core5, students are taken on journeys all around the world as they work at their own pace to complete different activities. The program’s scaffolding and support lets them monitor their own progress, too.

Instead of the traditional assessments typical in online programs, Core5 collects data as students complete different activities. The learning pathways students take continuously adjust as a result of how they perform. Educators get instant access to student data, including class-level reports for teachers and school overview data for administrators.

The team at Lexia has expanded its Core5 Reading program and this blog post shares the updates and a program overview for reading teachers.

Online Reading Program 

The new updates to Lexia Core5 Reading specifically targets students in third, fourth, and fifth grade, adding three new levels of activities related to building academic language skills and word-learning strategies for these upper elementary school students. Students will interact with advanced vocabulary words and word parts as well as complex language structures, advanced grammar concepts, and academic texts. In addition to the new online activity levels, this summer update includes over 100 new Lexia Lessons and Lexia Skill Builders, the program’s offline instructional resources.

Reading Comprehension and Higher-Order Thinking

Building academic language is just one of the areas that the new levels in Core5 support. They also include high-interest text, including fiction, drama, and poetry. Additionally, students have access to newly-added informational, procedural, historical, and scientific texts.

The team at Lexia has expanded its Core5 Reading program and this blog post shares the updates and a program overview for reading teachers.

The activities in the new upper elementary school levels promote high-order thinking skills. Instead of simply recalling information, students participate in activities that place emphasis on synthesizing and analyzing text. Students also explore grammar concepts and text structures with interactive graphic organizers.

Take a look at the new updates to Lexia Core5 Reading program by visiting the product homepage! On this page, you’ll have the chance to try Core5 student lessons and see videos of it in action, too. Are you already using Core5 in your classroom? Share in the comments below!

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