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eSafety Solution for Schools and Districts

Earlier this spring the team behind NetSupport DNA reached out to share some of the eSafety solutions they offer schools. Their goal is to provide schools and districts with resources that protect students online and proactively alert staff about issues that may arise during the school year. With a focus on at-risk students, their tool can identify actions related to bullying.

The idea of eSafety at school is definitely a sensitive topic. So I was interested in learning more about NetSupport DNA and what this tool looks like in action.

eSafety Solution

How does it work? NetSupport DNA includes a variety of features related to eSafety. This platform includes keyword monitoring and gives students the ability to report concerns as well. There is a contextual risk index and an option to flag students who have demonstrated behaviors that may require a bit closer monitoring during the school year.

Simply put, NetSupport DNA monitors how students use devices on your school network. It alerts you if students are searching for topics that might relate to self-harm, or participating in activities that could connect to instances of bullying. In addition to this monitoring, students can use this system to share any specific issues they may face and report it to school leaders.

NetSupport DNA in Action

The video above gives you a sense of what NetSupport DNA looks like in action. Their education edition is designed specifically with schools in mind. It provides you insight into what your school is already doing and what changes have taken place with the use of digital devices on your network. NetSupport DNA makes it easy to get a sense of how devices on your network is used so you can make decisions about the current and future use of technology in your school or district.

As you can see in the image below it can also search your system for uses of certain phrases. This can help monitor student actions you may want to follow up on.

The team behind NetSupportDNA reached out to share some of the eSafety solutions they offer schools and I know you'll want to learn more about this!

Since this tool monitors the usage of digital tools in your school, it can help you get a picture of what software investments are paying off and what software isn’t used regularly in your school. It also gives schools the power to make certain software available for specific classrooms too. There are notifications built in too so you can receive alerts when certain events take place related to the security of even whether or not storage uses occur.

Real-time Data

Users can access the data collected by NetSupport DNA in real-time straight from the platform’s dashboard. There is also the ability to set up automatic reporting that you can share within your school community as well.

In addition to the eSafety solution, NetSupport also has a classroom management solution called NetSupport School. This tool lets teachers efficiently manage, monitor, and collaborate with any student device —regardless of the platform students are using.

Right now, NetSupport has partners in dozens of countries. They also have a dedicated support teams to help you get this platform up and running. Head over to NetSupport DNA’s website to learn more!

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