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Create Math Courses On Demand with Curriculum Engine

The team at Walch Mathematics has created a new curriculum platform to help educators customize math resources. Just launched this month, Curriculum Engine is a dynamic platform. It gives educators access to high-quality, standards-aligned courses for high school math. And with this resource, you can adjust the curriculum to meet the needs of your students.

In the video below you can get a feel for what Curriculum Engine can do for your school. It is designed to help educators customize curriculum resources to the needs of their students. Users can edit the existing curriculum and develop new curriculum to support all students in a school or district. It includes resources to make sure courses, lessons, and formative assessments are all set.

Create Math Courses

How does it work? Curriculum Engine lets educators create their own resources for students using their course builder. You can access their database of curriculum material to locate resources that are a good fit for your learning goals. You can then organize them into one place so students can access all of the relevant material related to your course goals.

Course Builder for Educators

Essentially, the course builder asks educators to follow four steps to create a course. First, users indicate the high-level course parameters. Then, they decide on the specific learning targets and structure they would like for their lessons. Next, the Curriculum Engine creates a course using all of this information. Finally, educators can review what the Curriculum Engine created and make changes before publishing it to share with students.

If you haven’t seen this resource before, Walch Mathematics has an extensive database of curriculum materials. It is continuing to grow in size and scope and right now includes easy access to thousands of resources. These resources include both open educational resources and Walch Mathematics’ own resources — all vetted by their team. Of course, you can add and modify your materials too, making it a really customizable curriculum experience for educators and students.

High School Math Curriculum

In addition to giving users flexibility in course design, the platform also comes with high school math courses that are ready to use right away. With both a print and online math curriculum, it makes it a good fit for a range of learning environments. So if you are in a blended learning environment, employing a flipped classroom model, or in a one-to-one classroom, you’ll want to check this out.

As a school or district using these resources, you have the option to take the ready-made curriculum and use it as is or to create your math curriculum by incorporating these resources. The Curriculum Engine also works with popular learning management systems so you can integrate it with structures you already have in place. If you don’t have an LMS or are looking for something to use totally separately, you can use this on its own too.

Ready to dive in? Head over to Curriculum Engine’s website to learn more. You can set up a free demo to see it in action and decide if it’s a good fit for your school!

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