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Robo Wunderkind STEM Education for Elementary Students

What does coding curriculum look like in elementary school? The folks at Robo Wunderkind have a curriculum and kits of resources specifically designed with elementary school students in mind. You can find Robo Wunderkind in hundreds of schools and thousands homes. It has been embraced by educators, students, and families throughout the world!

STEM Education

Their mission is to provide easy-to-use and STEM education solutions to elementary students and educators. Robo Wunderkind and the corresponding curriculum is designed for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. It gives students the power to construct and program robots while engaging in coding activities at the same time.

Robo Wunderkind’s robotics kits, apps, and curriculum can help prepare K-5 students for activities that leverage STEM skills both inside and outside of the classroom.

Coding Kits for Students

They have a handful of products that can allow students to try out and apply coding skills. The Starter Kit is a basic set of modules that let Robo Wunderkind move around, make sounds, and flash lights too. This kit is certainly perfect for starting with coding in your classroom and introducing these foundational concepts to students.

The Education Kit is a more complex option for students and teachers who are ready to dive deeper into coding skill building. It has everything that the Starter Kit has with a few extras. You’ll find a Distance Sensor, Servo Motor, and a functional block for building too. To take this work even further, the Advanced Upgrade Kit is an extension kit with even more complex blocks. In this kit, you’ll find a Light Sensor, Motion Sensor, and a programmable LED display.

Coding Apps for Kids

As you can see in the video below, Robo Wunderkind works hand-in-hand with mobile apps. Once you have your kit, students can use the Robo Live app to control Robo Wunderkind in real time. With this app, they can become acquainted with the blocks and the way that each one functions. The Robo Live app is perfect for students just starting out with Robo Wunderkind, as young as five years old.

The Robo Code app is a more advanced mobile app for students. With this coding app, students take part in programming activities that are visual and icon-based — there are almost no words is involved. Students can program Robo Wunderkind’s activities using the Robot Code app. Then they simply press play to see what they have created.

With Robo Code app, the coding students take part in can vary in its complexity. Students can start from programming one simple action like a sound or a movement. Then they can try out more complex tasks like programming loops, if-then statements, decision trees, and more.

Both the Robo Live app and Robo Code app are available for iOS, Android, and Windows OS. They will also be available for Mac OS soon too.

Student-Friendly Coding Curriculum

Although Robo Wunderkind certainly makes learning playful and fun, there is a robust free curriculum with dozens of hours of activities for students. The Robo Wunderkind Curriculum includes over 50 hours of lessons and was designed by educators for educators. The curriculum takes into consideration the different stages of a child’s development so that the activities align with the needs of elementary school-aged students.

The team at Robo Wunderkind credits the learning theory of constructionism by Seymour Papert was their main inspiration for curriculum development. They have also taken into mind the curriculum standards of different countries. These standards include Common Core State Standards (CCSS), International Society of Technology Education (ISTE), K-12 Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Robo Wunderkind has an easy-to-use and STEM education solutions to elementary students and educators to help kids learn how to code with robots.

The image above gives you a sense of the progress of the curriculum as well as some of the after-school activities included in the resources. Since the lessons are play-centered and straightforward, they make an excellent choice for a coding curriculum within the school day as well as afterschool clubs or even a summer camp program. Since Robo Wunderkind offers a detailed teacher’s guide and a free onboarding program, it’s an excellent fit for a variety of learning environments.

Ready to reboot your coding curriculum this year? Try out Robo Wunderkind in your school, get support with our ready-to-use curriculum and personal onboarding, and bring your lessons to the next level with the help of STEM education. Head over to Robo Wunderkind’s website to learn more!

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