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K-12 Math Tasks for Schools from Woot Math

August 28, 2018

This year I connected with the passionate team behind Woot Math. If you are looking for a tool to energize your math instruction this year, Woot Math has you covered! From engaging activities to embedded formative assessment, this platform is perfect for K-12 students. It’s free for teachers, so if you can’t wait to jump in, scroll to the bottom of this post to set up an account.

Woot Math Platform for Schools

Woot Math is a research-backed platform for schools. It is designed to help teachers reach more students in their classroom. The Woot Math platform helps students make their thinking visible as they dive into new math material. Students have access to collaborative features that foster rich math discussions throughout the school year.

With Woot Math, teachers can deliver personalized learning to their students as children build their confidence and tackle new math skills. Woot Math’s Adaptive Learning content can help teachers from elementary through high school address gaps in student mastery. All of their instructional content is delivered with an adaptive engine to meet the needs of every student in your classroom.

#FormativeTech with Woot Math

In my book #FormativeTech: Meaningful, Sustainable, and Scalable Formative Assessment with Technology, I discuss how powerful real-time feedback can be in the classroom. Woot Math lets you customize tasks for students and get real-time information on student understanding. Here’s an excerpt from #FormativeTech:

“Formative assessment data provides teachers and students with an opportunity to reflect on the learning process and set goals for future instruction and upcoming units of study. Timely feedback is an important part of the formative assessment cycle, and technology tools make this job easier for everyone. After students submit their work electronically, teachers can open each students’ submission on their own laptop or mobile device.”

Since students can use Woot Math during the school day or out of the classroom, they have access to “just right” math content throughout the school year. Woot Math is designed for both independent work by students and to foster whole-class discussions. Their platform lets teachers run real-time quizzes, warm-ups, exit tickets, open-ended questions, “draw it” style questions, and more. It’s a fantastic formative assessment tool for the classroom!

K-12 Math Tasks

The team at Woot Math wanted to make sure that teachers have options when using their platform. So teachers can create their own activities from scratch, or they can search through a bank of K-12 tasks. The Woot Math library of tasks are customizable too.

Woot Math Tasks

Teachers can quickly and easily create their own or adapt existing activities. These customizable activities include warmups, quizzes, exit tickets and more. Woot Math has an interactive, digital scratchpad built into their platform. This feature is specialized for mathematics and lets students capture their work. At the same time, it gives you visibility into student thinking. With this information, you can plan interventions and pinpoint any misconceptions or areas of need.

New Features from Woot Math

You may have seen my feature of Woot Math earlier this year. The team has introduced new features that I can’t wait for you to explore.

Student Dashboard: The new Woot Math Student Dashboard gives students direct access to their data and teacher feedback. It is personalized for each student and gives students more agency over their learning.

Woot Math Student Dashboard

Automated Student Grouping: With just the push of a button, teachers can group students in real-time. This grouping can happen randomly or based on their performance during a particular task.

Woot Math Student Dashboard

Digital Scratch Pad: The Woot Math scratch pad is perfect for the math classroom. This feature helps make student work visible so teachers can track progress in real-time. Teachers can even project their work on a classroom screen to spark student discussion.

Woot Math Digital Scratch Pad

Are you ready to start using Woot Math this school year? Head over to their website to set up your free teacher account!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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