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Video Tutorials for College Students from Clutch Prep

I love multimedia resources that provide engaging, informative content for students. Earlier this month the team at Clutch Prep reached out to share their platform. It is full of video tutorials for college students. In addition to these video study resources, Clutch Prep also includes review material for different college-level topics making it useful for students in advanced high school classes too!

Video Tutorials for College Students

Providing students with lots of ways to engage with content can include the incorporation of online tools and video tutorials. I had the chance to take a look at Clutch Prep and check out the variety of resources available for students and teachers. The Clutch Prep platform is easy to navigate and gives users access to a wide range of videos. There are also study resources to supplement and enhance classroom learning experiences.

Clutch Prep has essentially built a video-based curriculum that compliments the topics students will find in traditional textbooks. As students navigate through traditional print resources or shift to multimedia explanations of new topics, they can use the abundance of resources on Clutch Prep. Once you log into Clutch Prep you’ll find hundreds of hours of content to explore.

Parts of Clutch Prep’s website are totally free, including their chapter PDFs on different topics. There are high school teachers and college professors that use Clutch Prep to support class discussions and lectures. It is also used for at-home study resources to share with their students. In addition to these use cases, Clutch Prep is also used by students looking for supplemental resources as they dive into a new topic.

Online Study Resources

There are over 14,500 practice problems on Clutch Prep, and over 300,000 students have used this platform. When you visit Clutch Prep’s website, you’ll see lots of subjects covered including Chemistry, Statistics, Biology, and more. Whether you’re teaching or studying topics from Anatomy to Accounting, there are lots of video tutorials for college students and high school students on Clutch Prep.

Moving away from traditional textbooks is easier said than done, especially for larger institutions. As you commit to providing more high-quality resources for students of all ages, Clutch Prep is definitely a learning platform to add to your list. It gives students access to lots of resources on a wide range of topics.

Clutch Prep describes themselves as the video version of textbooks, and they also offer a fully-online MCAT course. Learn more by heading over to their website!

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