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Online Course on School Leadership with PLC Opportunity

April 10, 2018

Professional learning can take many forms. From print resources and face-to-face workshops to webinars and online courses. I’m super excited to share a new opportunity for educators. It combines a few of my favorite ways to learn and grow. Thomas Murray and Eric Sheninger, the authors of Learning Transformed: 8 Keys to Designing Tomorrow’s Schools Today, are offering a new online course. It is focused on school leadership and special PLC opportunities for educators who are ready to dive into their book.

Online Course on School Leadership

Murray and Sheninger have developed a self-paced online course that covers nine modules featured in their book, Learning Transformed. When you register for the course, you get instant access to each module. Then you can explore the modules at your own pace as you examine what it looks like to be a leader in today’s classroom. The modules in this course include “Creating a Culture of Innovation,” “Designing Learner-Centered Spaces,” and “Making Professional Learning Personal,” just to name a few.

As you move through each module, you’ll find a self-assessment. This let’s you check in on how you currently embody different aspects of a leader. Each module includes a variety of media to explore. There are readings you can dive into, videos to watch, and podcasts to listen to on any device. You’ll also find reflections and action items and plenty of extra resources. With dozens of videos and lots of content to explore, you will walk away from this course with a badge from Participate as well as actionable information to bring into your practice. Click here to access the course landing page which has more information including an opportunity to request bulk discounts.

PLC Opportunity for Educators

This month, Murray and Sheninger and offering a fantastic opportunity that combines the power of print with online learning. Schools interested in using their book as part of a professional learning opportunity can access exclusive discounts. There is also a free study guide and a virtual kickoff hosted by the authors. If you order a set number of books, you’ll receive a whole host of things including a significant discount on the Learning Transformed online course.

The entire opportunity is outlined in this post and includes instructions for how to order copies of their book and access the massive discount on their online course. If you want to make the most of professional learning in your district, you’ll definitely want to check this out!

Learn more by heading over to the PLC landing page!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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