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KudosWall Discover a Search Tool for Competitions and More!

Last year I featured KudosWall, an online tool for students, families and educators. With KudosWall, users have access to an online resume builder as well as an online portfolio. The team behind this robust online platform has just released a few updates you’ll want to check out. Their new search tool for scholarships and competitions is now available.

The KudosWall team has also released a handful of new features all designed to help make it easier for students, families and educators to find and share information. KudosWall Discover is a search engine that locates a wide range of opportunities for users including competitions, scholarships, and awards. This search tool for scholarships (and more opportunities) connects users to a wide range of resources.

Search Tool for Competitions and More!

KudosWall Discover allows students, parents, educators, and school counselors to easily find educational opportunities for students. They can use the KudosWall Discover tool to search by age, category, location, and more. This means you could search for something like competitions for elementary-school students and find two pages of results. Or if you search for photography you’ll find almost eleven competitions.

If you dive into KudosWall on a regular basis, you’ll find that more competitions, scholarships, and awards are added every day. One thing that is great about this tool is that individuals and organizations can submit opportunities as well. The team at KudosWall verfiy all submisions and add each one to their resource list.

KudosWall Discover a Search Tool for Scholarships and More!

More Updates from KudosWall

In addition to the release of the KudosWall Discover search tool for scholarships and competitions, there are a few other notable updates from the team at KudosWall. Their original product, KudosWall Education is still in full swing. If you aren’t familiar with KudosWall Education, it allows parents to electronically keep track of their children’s academics, athletics, achievements, and more.

This tool is free and user-friendly. One great feature is how users can easily add updates from any device with Internet access. This means you can add new resources or information for anyone to access while you’re on the go. Students can then turn notable moments into a portfolio or resume to share their accomplishments with the world. Check out my post on the KudosWall online resume builder which shares some tips for getting started with this tool.

 If you’re also looking for a resume builder for yourself or for students you support, you might want to check out KudosWall Professional. With this tool, users can create up to four categories free-of-charge. They can easily sort skills and accomplishments as they build their resume. There is the option to embed media within the product too. The new update to KudosWall Professional lets users create multiple resumes. This is super convenient if you or your students are applying for a range of positions, scholarships, or competitions.

Learn more about KudosWall Discover by heading over to their website, and don’t forget to check out their survey report on what specific traits academic admissions professionals look for – you can download your free copy here!

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