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Collaborative Video Creation for Schools from mysimpleshow

February 8, 2018

What does video creation look like in your school? Is it a collaborative experience for students? Earlier this year I shared mysimpleshow, a tool known for its easy-to-use video creation for students and teachers. If you haven’t heard of mysimpleshow before, it’s a tool used by more than 200,000 users around the world that can be used for collaborative video creation in schools.

mysimpleshow is a user friendly text-to-video application to create explainer videos for business, personal, or educational purposes. It uses a high level of artificial intelligence to automatically create videos using a selection of text. With mysimpleshow, students can create efficient explainer videos in minutes by adding a selection of text to the tool.

It’s become popular in the education space and the team at mysimpleshow has just released a brand new classroom plan that is free for educational institutions.

Video Creation in Schools

Students can create videos to show what they know across the content areas. This could include a video that explains the steps to solve a math problem or the results from a science experiment. As students jump into the process of telling the story about their learning, mysimpleshow lets them creates explainer videos in just a few steps.

Students can use mysimpleshow to:

  • Convince a classmate to read a favorite book
  • Tell the story of a special place in the community
  • Present information on a science or social studies topic
  • The possibilities are endless!

Collaborative Video Creation

Collaborative Video Creation for Schools from mysimpleshowWith mysimpleshow, students can collaborate in a team of up to 50 users. This gives them the opportunity to create explainer videos with their peers. As they work together to explain a challenging concept or topic, mysimpleshow lets them dive into the creation process together. mysimpleshow “Classroom” gives students access to the design functions built into the tool and places the focus on collaborative learning. With the free Classroom version of mysimpleshow, now up to 50 students can create joint video projects to show off their learning.

This feature used to come with a price tag but now students can demonstrate their creativity and build teamwork skills in the same place. To get started with mysimpleshow you can head over to this page on mysimpleshow’s website and scroll down and click on the Educational icon. Once you’ve clicked on this button, select the “Classroom FREE” plan. If you already have an account, all you have to do is go to the pricing page, login to your account and upgrade to the Classroom plan for free.

Head over to mysimpleshow’s website to get started!

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