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Digital Copel Brain Games: Educational App for Kids

October 31, 2017

Are you looking for brain games to share with students and families? Digital Copel is an educational app for kids that contains over 300 lessons and over 1,000 problems for students to solve. Covering a wide range of topics, the team behind Digital Copel partnered with early childhood education centers in Japan to develop an educational app for kids full of engaging games.

Digital Copel Brain Games: Educational App for Kids

The folks at Digital Copel believe in the power of both the left and right brains and the importance of connecting the two. They wanted to create something that would spark a child’s curiosity, help them concentrate on solving problems, and give them a space to have fun all at the same time. Within the Digital Copel app for kids, they offer compliments, animations, voices and more to provide students with support and encouragement. The video below shows this mobile app in action.

The lessons built into the app are split into three different age groups. As children progress through the lessons, they’ll unlock more games to play and locations as they walk through Copel Town. Children earn badges as they complete different games and earn points as they move through the app. In addition to keeping track of this information, Digital Copel also has a statistics feature to monitor a child’s progress. The statistics screen lets parents and teachers see a child’s progress and scores.

The lessons in Digital Copel fall into six categories: math, language, logic, shapes, memory and knowledge. Digital Copel also has an artificial intelligence-based adaptive-learning component to help students find “just right” games to play. Each student is given a short list of suggested lessons to complete, focusing on the categories where they’ve shown they need extra practice.

With Digital Copel, up to ten lessons can be played each day for free and there are in-app purchases and a monthly subscriptions for unlimited playtime. There is a 20 min “take a break” feature enabled by default included in Digital Copel. With this feature, children are prompted to pause after playing the game for an uninterrupted number of minutes.

Learn more about Digital Copel by heading over to their website!


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