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mysimpleshow Educational Video Creator for Teachers and Students

September 6, 2017

Are you and your students creating videos this year? The team at mysimpleshow has a fantastic educational video creator that is perfect for students (and teachers) to use to create explainer videos. Whether you use this as a presentation tool for students or create your own videos to explain a concept, it’s a user-friendly teaching tool for users of all ages.

mysimpleshow Educational Video Creator

You can use video inside and outside of the classroom for the upcoming school year. It can help communicate ideas through an animated video to make your lessons come to life. If you haven’t heard of mysimpleshow before, this educational video creator is a simple online tool that empowers anyone to make professional videos. mysimpleshow is a tech learning resource for do-it-yourself explainer videos meaning anyone can customize their video to fit the needs of their audience. In the video below you can see a back-to-school inspired creation with ideas for the upcoming school year.


You might decide to start the year off in a memorable too way by using explainer videos to supplement your lessons, introduce yourself to students and families, or flip your classrooms. Learning resources like mysimpleshow are teaching resources for any educational video creator – including students. Students can explain a concept to demonstrate understanding while creating a product that is shareable with an audience.

Video Creator for Kids

Using multiple teaching tools throughout the school year gives students a variety of ways to interact with information. Videos are not only fun to watch, they serve as engaging learning materials for students of all ages. This school year give students the opportunity to create videos. They can show what they know about a topic or introduce their interests to classmates. I love the idea of giving students access to open ended creation tools. Especially ones that are user-friendly and give them a space to creatively tell their own stories.

Learn more about mysimpleshow by visiting their website!

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