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Revision Assistant from Turnitin Lexile Measures

June 4, 2017

Earlier this year I shared Turnitin Revision Assistant a formative writing product for classrooms. If you haven’t heard of Revision Assistant before, it was designed to extend the reach of teachers. It gives student writers immediate, actionable and substantive feedback. The folks at Turnitin have now partnered with MetaMetrics to add Lexile measures to Revision Assistant.

Turnitin now includes Lexile measures built into their tool Revision Assistant. By adding this Lexile measurement feature to Revision Assistant, teachers can now match appropriate texts to individual students to personalize instruction with “just right” texts. The Lexile Framework for Reading is the standard for matching student reading levels to text complexity. You may have seen Lexile levels on texts in a classroom or school library. Or you also may have noticed the Lexile level assigned to a short text before distributing to students.

Revision Assistant Lexile Measures

Since Revision Assistant is an instructional tool for students engaged in the process of writing essays, the new Lexile measures can be especially useful. As students write essays in response to specific prompts they are often writing from and citing sources as part of their evidence. Turnitin can now match students with text that is just right for their level to help them better comprehend reading material before they write. The Lexile information will be visible to teachers when they got to set up assignments.

Turnitin Lexile

Teachers can use Lexile measures to ensure the reading selections assigned to students within Revision Assistant are a perfect match for individual students. Turnitin leverages the Lexile information from MetaMetrics to make this all happen. So now with Turnitin’s new Lexile measure feature, students can write essays for prompts connected to their specific reading levels. They can still receive feedback to help them improve their skills.

Visit Turnitin Revision Assistant‘s website to learn more about this special tool!

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