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Plan Ahead for the Next School Year with Kiddom’s Planner

May 10, 2017

This past year I’ve had the chance to connect with the awesome folks at Kiddom. As you wrap up this school year and prepare for a new group of students, you’ll definitely want to check out Kiddom’s Planner to plan ahead for the next school year. Whether you’re packing up your classroom or reviewing files on your computer from a favorite unit you taught this school year, the end of the year provides an important opportunity to reflect and plan ahead.

Plan Ahead for the Next School Year

With Kiddom’s Planner, teachers can design curriculum for a class and modify pathways for groups or individual students. The team at Kidoom created a special planner tool. They believe (and I agree) well-designed and differentiated curriculum gives teachers the opportunity to help students meaningfully connect with the subject matter and expand their skill sets.


I love this quote from Kiddom’s Chief Academic Officer. Abbas Manjee said, “Curriculum design is fundamentally emotional work, representing the journey educators plan for students to make meaningful connections.”

As your school year comes to an end, take stock of what felt successful in your classroom. This information can help you develop a plan for the upcoming school year. Using the Planner, teachers can create assignments and playlists well ahead of time without assigning to students.

School Planner for Teachers

Since you’ll tailor your instruction to meet the needs of individual students in the upcoming school year, using Kiddom’s Planner is perfect for creating playlists. A playlist a group of assignments, great for grouping resources like videos, readings, and quizzes on the same topic. To assign work made in Planner, teachers can simply drag the assignment or playlist into their Timeline. To assign content to an individual student, they can simply filter their Timeline to reflect the student they’d like to assign directly.

With Planner, teachers plan curriculum for a class (or classes). Then easily add and modify learning pathways, assignments, and resources for individuals using Kiddom’s library. The library is integrated into the Planner and makes it easy to locate the “just right” resources for your students. Since teachers have access to a library of content, it expedites the personalizing process. This is because it lets users quickly assign the resources students need when they need it.

Learn more about Kiddom by visiting their website!

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