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Community and Culture Connections with 51Talk American Academy Program

May 9, 2017

Are you interested in expanding your skill set as an educator and learning about students who live in another part of the world? The folks at 51Talk have just launched a new opportunity for teachers in the United States and Canada designed to support students as they learn English. Not only is this a a great option for educators looking for virtual tutoring opportunities, it provides teachers with a chance to grow in their ability to connect with students from a variety of backgrounds.

If you haven’t heard of 51Talk before, this company focuses on online learning to help children learn how to speak English. Using one-on-one video conferencing the special 51Talk platform gives educators an opportunity to teach English from home. Their new program is called the American Academy and it’s designed to help English-speaking educators connect with students in China.

Community and Culture Connections as Students Learn English

51Talk offers a way for teachers to make extra money teaching as they connect with students from another part of the world. English-speaking educators from the United States and Canada participate in virtual home visits using 51Talk’s video conferencing software. The educators who participate in 51Talk’s American Academy build relationships with students and families from China. If you think about the relationships you might build with families or students you tutor over the school year, the 51Talk program mirrors this experience while providing an opportunity for you to learn about another part of the world.


As you think about your own growth as an educator, participating in learning experiences like these help to strengthen and diversify your skill sets. In addition to the cultural experience 51Talk teachers are a part of, there is also the opportunity to join a community of fellow educators who are passionate about the power of online learning and supporting students from all corners of the world.

Learn more about 51Talk by visiting their website where you can apply for the program and read teacher testimonials!

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