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5 Must-Have Tech Tools for Formative Assessment

March 16, 2017

It’s so exciting to see the way that tech tools can transform the way “quick checks” take place in the classroom. When used purposefully, digital tools can provide a window into student thinking, making it easier to figure out who needs extra help or who is ready for something new. Although there are lots of great tech tools to use when checking for understanding I though I would spotlight a couple favorites. On this list you’ll find tools that are free and can be used with a range of students. At the bottom of this post is a special video and poster with extra favorites!

5 Must-Have Tech Tools for Formative Assessment

Seesaw gives students a space to create a drawing where they can show how they solved a problem or came to find the answer to a question. Learn more about Seesaw.

Spark Post is perfect for virtual exit slips since students can quickly create a graphic as a response to a question or a prompt posed to the class. Learn more about Spark Post.

iTunes U has a fantastic discussion thread feature so students can talk about their coursework when they leave the classroom. Learn more about iTunes U.

Google Classroom lets teachers set up shared documents for students so they can peek in during their writing process and leave feedback on their work. Learn more about Google Classroom.

Recap lets students respond with video to prompts you’ve posted for them online. Using the webcam on their device students can record their thinking in short bursts. Learn more about RecapRecap is not longer active. You’ll want to check out Synth from the same folks instead!

I believe that technology tools are powerful in the hands of teachers and students especially when it is time to check for understanding. So that’s why I created these two special resources:

  • If you haven’t grabbed it yet, download your poster with five tips for using technology to check for understanding
  • Click here for a special video 3 Things You Need to Know About Formative Assessment

Check out my new book #FormativeTech: Meaningful, Sustainable, and Scalable Formative Assessment with Technology now available on Amazon and Corwin.

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6 Responses to “5 Must-Have Tech Tools for Formative Assessment”

  1. Mikki Miller

    Nice list! Heads up about recap though, says on their site they’re shutting down. Seesaw on the other hand seem like a really great tool for children with colorful, engaging visuals.

  2. Kendra Grant

    All the info on formative assessment is so aluable for teachers. I would love for you to explore FreshGrade. It takes a more intentional approach to the triangulation of data than SeeSaw’s “Fire, Ready, Aim” approach.

    • Thanks for taking the time to share FreshGrade Kendra! It’s another fantastic #FormativeTech option. Make sure to take a look at the free poster too, it has some others not on this list :)

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