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LivingTree Family Engagement Tool Now Includes ClassMessenger Users

March 13, 2017

Have you seen the LivingTree family engagement tool I shared a few months ago? Designed for PreK-12 schools it is used by schools across the country who want to keep families in the loop by sharing information and opening up communication channels throughout the school year. The team at LivingTree recently acquired the tool ClassMessenger. ClassMessenger is a parent-teacher communication tool used by tens of thousands of teachers. Since it’s the middle of the school year, LivingTree will keep ClassMessenger running and help current ClassMessenger users get ready to make the switch to LivingTree for the 2017-2018 school year.

Family Engagement

Since LivingTree already provides all of the features ClassMessenger users are used to it will be easy to make the switch to the new platform. Once teachers shift from ClassMessenger to LivingTree they will still have access to all of the features they have grown to love. This includes the ability to translate messages to over 100 languages, the option for SMS texting, media sharing, private messaging to families, access to a directory, analytic reporting, and lots more. So if you’re a school that’s been using ClassMessenger you are all set now that they have been acquired by the folks at LivingTree.

If you’re looking for a new parent engagement tool, LivingTree can help you make sure families know what is happening throughout the school year and understand their role in the school community. I had the chance to talk with LivingTree’s CEO Joni Carswell a few weeks ago and it was great to hear about the exciting things happening at LivingTree. Schools that are making family engagement a priority this school year will appreciate all of the special features available in this powerful family engagement tool.

Visit LivingTree’s website to learn more and sign up to get started!

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