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11 Last Minute, Tech-Friendly Teacher Gift Ideas

December 8, 2016

The countdown is on! If you’re looking for a last minute gift idea for a tech-friendly teacher here are eleven hand-picked options to explore. This list includes a range of choices from tools for teachers using tablets in their classroom to books from a favorite Corwin series. Do you have a favorite tech-friendly teacher gift idea missing from this list? I hope you’ll add it in the comments to help out others on the hunt for the perfect holiday or end-of-year gift idea for teachers.

Kid-friendly technology accessories 

Crayon Stylus – This set of “crayons” makes it easy for kids to interact with a touchscreen. They can use these crayons to draw on an iPad or tap on an Android tablet.

Tiggly Math – I’ve shared some favorite Tiggly apps on my blog before and these counting tools are definitely a favorite. These learning tools interact with a touchscreen so students can have a digital, hands-on experience.

Tiggly Shapes – In addition to Tiggly Math, Tiggly Shapes brings foundational concepts to the hands of your students. Totally interactive, these tools work with Tiggly’s awesome apps.

Mop Top Stylus – Super cool and under $4, this stylus takes on the task of cleaning your screen. The “mop top” wipes your touchscreen clean!

Osmo Coding Game – Earlier this year I had the chance to see Osmo’s coding game in action! You might decide to splurge for this teacher gift or ask a group to chip in for a class gift.

Classroom tech favorites 

Roll Up Keyboard – This portable, roll up keyboard connects to a computer or tablet using Bluetooth technology. It’s a great solution for teachers on the go.

Touchscreen Gloves – If you live in a cold climate like me you may have seen these touchscreen gloves before. I was gifted a pair just like these and they definitely come in handy.

Google Cardboard – For under $10 you can snag a Google Cardboard for virtual reality experiences. Want to take it up a notch? Try decorating the Google Cardboard before gifting it to your favorite teacher!

Quick and powerful reads 

The Corwin Connected Educators Series is full of great choices for tech-friendly teacher gifts! Here are 3 that are under $12:

Looking for more Tech-Friendly Teacher Gift Ideas? Check out this list from last month with 10 low-cost favorites :)

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