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Tiggly Chef Subtraction Game for Elementary Math Practice

November 13, 2016

So cool! You’ve probably seen one of my posts in the past about the awesome games from Tiggly. Well they have a new learning game designed for elementary school students called Tiggly Chef Subtraction. This subtraction game is recommended for kids ages 5 and up. It lets them practice subtraction math concepts while experimenting in Tiggly Chef’s secret kitchen laboratory.

I love how this subtraction game connects to a cartoon world and brings cooking into the classroom. The Tiggly Chef Subtraction game tells kids what they need for each experiment and they have to hep out by taking away the extra ingredients to get an exact number to solve the math problem. Although math symbols appear on the screen to explain the student’s actions, the game will help them naturally learn subtraction concepts and the meaning behind different symbols.

Subtraction Game To Practice Math Skills

tiggly-chef-subtraction-game-for-elementary-math-practiceThis app helps students learn mental subtraction and how to represent subtraction problems with drawings, verbal explanation, and math equations. Students will build a conceptual understanding of the subtraction operation. This happens as “taking away” as they decompose numbers less than or equal to twenty. This subtraction game is aligned to the Common Core Standards. It addresses operational standards for kindergarten and first grade.

Math Apps for Students

Tiggly Chef Subtraction game includes three kitchen labs with 30 unique flavor bits and 24 different dishes. Each kitchen challenges students at a higher level of math difficulty to help them master a range of subtraction skills. There is no third party advertising or in-app purchases, and as an extra bonus there are more than 20 animated and 70 fun stickers of Tiggly Chef and his creations available for iMessage app.

This app is also compatible with Tiggly Math manipulatives. If you haven’t seen them before, the Tiggly tech-enabled manipulatives are colorful tools that interact with your iPad screen. Students can use them like real counting rods. They were inspired by the classic Cuisenaire rods you may have spotted in Montessori classrooms. Although they aren’t necessary to use the app, using Tiggly tech-enabled manipulatives with this app gives students a whole new way to interact with the subtraction activities on their screen.

Visit Tiggly’s website to check out Tiggly Chef Subtraction!

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