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Meet Science App: Force and Motion Exploration

July 24, 2016

Meet Science is an awesome app for science students and teachers. If you’re teaching force and motion this year you’ll want to take a look at the Meet Science app. Inside this app you’ll find animations that illustrate concepts related to this science topic. Your students can watch and learn about inertia, action, speed and more.

Students using the Meet Science app to learn about force and motion can access over a dozen experiment videos to explore the topic. There are summary notes, mini-games and lots of extras. The illustrated glossary can definitely help students understand the vocabulary behind this topic.

Force and Motion Exploration

How could you use the Meet Science app in your classroom?

  • Send students on an exploration of different experiments. They can use the videos as a model for documenting their own experiments.
  • Ask students to preview vocabulary in partners. Kids can create their own short clips to provide a definition for a selection of the words.
  • Add this app to a monthly newsletter for families. It’s a great way to prepare for, or extend a lesson.

Visit the Apple App Store to learn more about Meet Science: Force and Motion!

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