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Virtual Reality College Tours with YouVisit

June 18, 2016

Times have changed! You can now take a tour of college campuses from around the around the country no matter where you are. From Harvard and Yale, to Syracuse University and the University of Kentucky, there are dozens of college campuses that now offer virtual college tours. These virtual reality experiences can happen straight from your web browser or with a Google Cardboard device – for a more immersive experience.

Virtual College Tours

How does it work? Open’s Education page on your web browser. If you are interested in a Google Cardboard experience you’ll want to open up this page on your mobile device. Once you’re on the page you can scroll through dozens of colleges and decide if you want a 360 degree experience from your laptop or set up your device for Google Cardboard viewing.

What will you see? Each virtual reality college tour takes you to important or notable places on campus. The tour of each college is a little different. For example, the tour of West Point lets you choose between an Admissions Tour, Athletics Tour or Visitors’ Tour. Skidmore College also provides a few choices as well as an introduction before you dive in.

Why is this useful? A virtual reality college tour is a great choice for students who might not be able to visit the number of colleges they plan on applying to. Whether the cost of traveling to different spots in the country is prohibitive or the scheduling of multiple visits is just not feasible, YouVisit is a great resource for students.

When can I use this? Guidance counselors might set up a meeting for a few students interested in a particular college to embark on a virtual campus tour with a small group. This is perfect if you have students bring a personal mobile device or purchase a handful of Google Cardboards that stay in the guidance office.

Check out this Google Cardboard for under $10.

Have you tried this tool with students? Share your experience in the comments below!

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