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Venn Diagram Tool for Mobile Apps & Web Browsers

March 10, 2016

Venn Diagram is a completely free web browser based creation tool with a companion mobile app for iPads and Android tablets. With Venn Diagram students can organize their thinking and add information to their screen. This interactive tool works well on an interactive whiteboards and Chromebooks. The companion mobile app is a great option for students in mobile devices.

Venn Diagram App

Venn Diagram Tool for Mobile Apps & Web Browsers 1More than a substitution for the traditional graphic organizer, Venn Diagram gives students tons of space to add their thoughts and an easy way to move from one section to another. I love tools that are device agnostic and work on multiple platforms. Venn Diagram is one of the many great apps from the folks at ReadWriteThink and their website has tons of great resources.

This app is easy to use and works on both iPads and Chromebooks. If you have access to a web browser you can pull the web version up on your interactive whiteboard. It can be used to model concepts to your class for a wide range of activities.

How might yours Venn Diagrams in your classroom? Try comparing two characters in a read aloud book. Or try comparing the setting of two stories or the points of view of two authors of a current events article. The possibilities are endless!

Check out Venn Diagram and ReadWriteThink’s lesson resources on their website!

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