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8 ReadWriteThink Apps and Websites for Reading

March 9, 2016

The folks at ReadWriteThink and the International Literacy Association have developed terrific digital resources for students and teachers. They have a handful of mobile apps and web browser based tools for English Language Arts classrooms. You’ll definitely find ways to incorporate these creations into your everyday lessons!

Access all of their mobile apps by visiting this website.

ReadWriteThink Lesson Tools

Timeline: This creation tool lets users put events in order. Kids can organize moments on a timeline using text and images.

Venn Diagram: With this interactive graphic organizer students can chart similarities and differences between two or three items. Your students won’t be limited by space or struggle to fill in the small areas, it lets users tap to add more.

Wordmover: Similar to the magnets you might have on your refrigerator, this poemcreation tool gives kids lots of space to play. They can move words around their screen to compose poems.

Diamante Poems: This special shape poem follows a clear format and this web and app tool helps kids stay on track. It is easy to use and a great way to introduce kids to poetry.

Alphabet Organizer: Students can play with words in this easy to use organizer app. Whether you have a set task or give students room to explore, this app can help students build their understanding of different words.

Trading Cards: The perfect tool for vocabulary practice, Trading Cards helps students practice new words. On an iPad, Android, or interactive whiteboard, students can play and learn.

Haiku: This five-seven-five syllable poem is a classic and loved by teachers and students. Use this writing support tool with kids to compose new poems.

Theme Poems: Help students think through poetry ideas with the Theme Poems tool. It’s a fun one for kids of all ages.

Download my free poster with more favorite reading tools by clicking here!

Do you have a favorite? Share it in the comments below!

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