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Photos for Class Kid Safe Image Search for Schools

January 11, 2016

Kid safe search is a great tool for the classroom, especially if you’ve ever struggled leading students through a Google Image Search. Teachers will appreciate Photos for Class, a kid safe image search for schools. This kid-friendly image search engine brings age-appropriate images to your students’ fingertips. Photos for Class is a free search engine that helps students find Creative Commons licensed pictures.  Each picture includes an automatic citation when photos are downloaded.

Kid Safe Image Search for Schools

Image Search for Schools

This kid-friendly image search engine includes pictures from Flickr, The Library of Congress, and the British Royal Archives.  Photos for Class can help spark conversations about digital citizenship and citing sources.

This website will definitely come in handy when students are looking for images to include in a digital storytelling creation, conducting research, or simply searching for the perfect picture for any project. This could include a research activity in the English Language Arts classroom. Or a lab report in a science classroom. Anytime students need pictures they can come to this website.

Photos for Class is completely free and works on any web browser!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.


2 Responses to “Photos for Class Kid Safe Image Search for Schools”

  1. An interesting tool. Using pictures of cute dogs to obscure questionable searches is, of course, cute, but it also becomes a challenge eventually. This site appears to use a block list of some sort but it appears to be pretty basic.

    • Hi Peter, thanks for sharing your experience with Photos for Class! It’s so important for educators to be ready for any teachable moments and remind students of their purpose for searching. When speaking to teachers about this topic I make the connection between activities in the past where we would have asked students to flip through a newspaper and find a current events article – which includes similar challenges. It’s exciting to see tools like this one come closer to making searching easy and safe for children.

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