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Questbase Online Tool to Deliver Assessment to Students

September 8, 2015

QuestBase is an assessment tool that lets teachers create online quizzes, tests and exams. Teachers can deliver assessment to students. There options include the ability to do a bunch of different things. You can also add your own questions and import them from external files. Users have the power to set options (for example, randomization, time limits, grading, etc.) then tests are ready for students. Results are available in real-time, allowing teachers to save time.  Math equations and formulas can be used, together with several other features, to build your exams.

Deliver Assessment to Students


QuestBase is not only a simple quiz maker, but an assessment software solution to organize your questions, manage your tests, deliver them and get quick results. You can also print assessments on paper, with random questions and answers. This year QuestBase was acquired by Fidenia, a leading Italian company specialized in social networks for the educational world.  In a few weeks, you will see the release of native apps for iOS and Android. This includes allowing teachers and trainers to deliver secure exams even via tablets.

Learn more about QuestBase quiz creator by visiting their website or try out a sample quiz!

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