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BoardShare is an Instant Smart Wall for Classrooms

April 25, 2015

Instant Smart WallBoardShare is a completely portable device. This turns any surface into an interactive whiteboard. Students and teachers can take notes on the virtual whiteboard. It has the ability to save, edit, print, and email these notes.  BoardShare gives you the ability to interact with and annotate any document. You can also annotate a website, or software that is accessible from a laptop or computer.

Instant Smart Wall

Instant Smart WallBoardShare can level the playing field for students and teachers. This no matter what school they attend or what resources are part of their building infrastructure.  It’s a very neat tool that can engage students at all levels.  Teachers can use BoardShare on any wall in their classroom. They can instantly transform it into an interactive whiteboard.

Check out this video to see BoardShare in action or visit their website to learn more!

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