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Shutterfly Photo Story for Classrooms

April 24, 2015

Shutterfly Photo Story is an awesome free app for iPads that is great for creating authentic learning experiences for students.  It lets students in all grade levels create self-published photo books that are customizable. They can apply what they have learned in the classroom through a hands-on, project-based learning experience. 
Shutterfly Photo Story allows students to tell stories through multimedia. They can combine text, photos, audio and Doodle. Doodle is a feature that also enables writing and drawing on any page/photo in the book.

Shutterfly Photo Story

Shutterfly Photo StoryWith this app teachers can promote student engagement and achievement by giving kids easy-to-use multimedia tools. Photo Story facilitate learning and creativity, and document student knowledge in a tangible artifact.  It also enhances student learning in different subjects. This includes English Language Arts, social studies, math and science. Students can demonstrate knowledge in these core subject areas by motivating them on a deeper level.

This app certainly facilitates collaboration between students, including brainstorming, peer editing and problem solving.  Shutterfly also provides professional development that guides educators through the creation and implementation of lesson plans. This can help meet ISTE technology standards.

Visit Shutterfly Photo Story’s website to learn more!

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