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CartoonSmart Video Tutorials for Students

March 6, 2015

Video Tutorials for Students can help kids make meaning of new information. CartoonSmart is a great resource for students and educators looking for video tutorials on Art, iOS development, HTML5 and more.  As one of the first video-learning sites on the web they’ve embraced the interest in mobile app development and have tons of tools for teachers and their classes.  Their lessons can be streamed online or downloaded to watch offline – a great option for students with multiple tools and different learning environments.

Video Tutorials for Students
Video Tutorials for Students

Users can now check out a new Sample Pack of lessons so they can view hours of free tutorials without a subscription.  This sample pack also includes some complete courses for Sprite Kit and Swift (the iOS programming languages).  If you aren’t coding with your students you can also download their free iBook on animation.

Once you dive into CartoonSmart you have options for subscribing to more content or purchasing products individually. There are lots of ways to use this resource.

Learn more by visiting their website!

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