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Build Sentences with Sentopiary: Grammar Practice on iPads

March 4, 2015

Sentopiary is a fun and simple app for Grammar Practice on iPads. Students can use iPads to help with learning grammar by building sentences.   It has a clean and crisp user interface. The colorful word parts stand out on the screen and make it easy for students to navigate.  The app has four levels that match national curriculum. This is for both elementary and middle school classrooms by altering levels of complexity and vocabulary.

Grammar Practice on iPads

Grammar Practice on iPadsIn the classroom this app can be used for whole class modeling. It’s also friendly for individual practice or even literacy stations.  Kids can use Sentopiary at home or afterschool to practice grammar and sentence structure. This iPad app has two modes.  The sentence creation mode lets users choose a level of difficulty and then build sentences.  In Sentopiary‘s challenge mode students are given a sentence. Then they can match the grammar structure (articles, verbs, nouns, pronouns, etc.) with the words in the sentence.

Learn more about Sentopiary by visiting their website!

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