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Disney Magic Timer Home & Classroom Use

Disney Magic Timer: Home & Classroom Use

Designed to help children develop healthy habits when brushing their teeth, Disney Magic Timer can be used in the classroom for a variety of purposes.  This free app could be linked to a unit on staying healthy by encouraging good hygiene and establishing routines. You might also find that this app is a useful tool for transitions, class work or anytime you might normally use a timer as a classroom… Read Article →

19 Tips, Tricks and Apps for Classroom Management

19 Tips, Tricks and Apps for Classroom Management

Classroom management apps can be a great time saver and help you better organize your classroom, teaching work, and be a better teacher. If anyone tells you that an iPad is just for playing Angry Birds, this list of teacher tools and classroom management apps is sure to change their mind. Check out these tips, tricks and apps for classroom management! Top 19 Classroom Management Apps There are hundreds of… Read Article →

iOS 7 Spotlight: Timer

There are great timer apps for the iPad that help students practice their stamina and pacing while reading, and can help teachers manage a classroom.  With the iOS 7 update, the iPad clock has a timer with a great visual that shows how much time has progressed (similar to the Hourglass Timer).  You can even change the sounds to one of the new I iPhone ringtones! Try using a timer… Read Article →

iPad Lab Timer for Experiments

Timers are great for pacing (I love Traffic Light and Hourglass!) but they can also be used by students in a science classroom.  Lab Timer is a great free app for teachers and students looking to keep track of time during experiments or trials. Easily start and stop four different clocks to make your collection of data or observations even easier! Check out one of my Common Core aligned iPad… Read Article →

Management Tools on the iPad

There are lots of great management tools on the iPad that I use in my classroom (Timers, Quickvoice, Siri). Here are two more that I love: Red Light, Green Light – This programmable traffic light can be less intimidating than a timer is you’re working on pacing your students and keeping them on task. TooLoud? – Watching the decibel level change as volume increases can be a powerful tool to monitor volume… Read Article →

Test Prep Aids for the Teacher – Pacing

Although the New York State tests for elementary students are finished for this year, I know that I’m not the only person with test prep still on their mind. My students always need help with pacing and it’s tough keeping kids excited about something that is stressful for everyone. I love the free iPad timer apps that help us stay aware of the time we spend reading passages and answering… Read Article →