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Lyrics2Learn to Engage Readers

Lyrics2Learn is a website that hosts hundreds of 15 minute, interactive reading lessons for students.  These teacher created lesson plans were designed to improve elementary reading skills while keeping kids engaged.  It’s a great choice for reading centers where students can work independently or share a screen. ……. Students can practice choral reading and repeated reading to build their fluency.  Each fluency activity is followed by three levels of interactive… Read Article →

Chicken Coop Fraction Games

A silly and fun app for upper elementary students, Chicken Coop Fractions is full of high quality content.  Kids can interact with fractions by playing a variety of games designed to grab their attention and get them thinking about fractions.  This app comes with free access to an estimating fractions games and gives you the option to unlock a handful of other activities.  If you have only a few iPads in… Read Article →

Outread for Speed Reading

I’ve shared how much I love Pocket to keep track of all of the great articles I come across online about educational technology.  Users of the free app Pocket can access their bookmarked articles with the speed reading app Outread.  Outread highlights groups of words to help readers stay focused and move quickly through a text.  One cool feature is how it tells you how long it will take for… Read Article →

23 Virtual Tools for Tablets (all free!)

A great way to capture the attention of your students is to introducethese virtual tools.  If they are bored with traditional flashcards, post-its or math manipulatives try out one of the virtual tools on our list: MyScript Calculator (calculator) Coordinate Grid for iPads (graph paper) Reading a Ruler on iPads (ruler) Base 10 Blocks (math manipulatives) iPad Lab Timer for Experiments (lab timer) Thesaurus Reference Tool (thesaurus) iPad Measurement Tools… Read Article →

Common Core with Turbo Math

Turbo Math Sea Buddies is an engaging and colorful iPad app that children will love.  The underwater math games help students practice math topics aligned to the Common Core State Standards in kindergarten through third grade.  This app supports multiple user profiles, provides tons of free lessons, and access to even more if you upgrade. Here are a few of my favorite lesson plans for teaching Common Core Math with… Read Article →

Math Bingo for Math Facts

A terrific game for practicing operational fluency, Math Monsters Bingo is another great app from TaptoLearn (Math Vs. Zombies, Measure Length – Tiny Chicken).  With this app, players will answer addition, subtraction, multiplication or subtraction problems and choose the answer on the bingo board.  Math Monsters Bingo has a few different levels – just skip the Facebook login and your kids will be ready to go! Have your kids mastered their… Read Article →

Animal Math Games for Kids

Animal Math Games for Kids is a super fun app for early learners that will help them work on counting, number sense and patterns.  This app is bright, colorful and aligned to kindergarten Common Core Standards.  Free to download and play, this app offers some upgrades to unlock the full version. Working with numbers in your classroom? Here are a few of my favorite Common Core lesson plans for teaching… Read Article →

Splash Math on Android!

I’ve shared some of the reasons why Splash Math is a fantastic app for elementary school students practicing math skills – and now Splash Math Grade 1 is available on Android.  With the same great adaptive assessment, scratch pad, and interactive features, this app includes thirteen chapters, all containing questions that align to the Common Core State Standards. Children will interact with each problem, including moving the hands on a clock… Read Article →

Storia – Your Tablet’s Virtual Bookshelf

Students can be creators on their iPads by making their own screencasts and designing posters, but this device is also a fantastic eReader.  Storia from Scholastic is a wonderful choice for a virtual bookshelf.  Students can search for books at their independent level and read with support features like a glossary, audio and high quality images.  Download the first five books on your account for free! View my Common Core… Read Article →

Kindergarten Math Practice Makes a Splash!

If you are looking for a comprehensive app to help early learners master math skills, check out Splash Math Kindergarten.  The full version of this iOS app includes activities for learning numbers, counting to 20, comparing numbers and groups, addition and subtraction concepts, as well as geometry and measurement.  Splash Math Kindergarten received the Editor’s Choice Award from Children Tech Review and is featured in Apple Distinguished Educator Kristi Meeuwse’s list… Read Article →