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Early Elementary Math Practice with Dexteria Dots

Early Elementary Math Practice with Dexteria Dots

A fantastic app for early math education, Dexteria Dots is bright, colorful and teaches important basic math concepts.  With this iPad app your students will be asked to combine and separate numbers on their screen to practice addition and subtraction.  Dexteria Dots has four levels and when students start off they’ll be given a target number they need to reach.  Kids will then be asked to combine the numbers on… Read Article →

MyScript MathPad for Equations Write On the Screen

MyScript MathPad for Equations: Write On the Screen!

MyScript Calculator is one of my favorite apps but middle school and high school teachers might want to check out MyScript MathPad. It can handle higher level equations including trigonometry and logarithms.  This super cool, free app turns your handwriting into numerals and solves the equations in front of your eyes. Definitely check out this powerful math tool!

23 Virtual Tools for Tablets (all free!)

A great way to capture the attention of your students is to introducethese virtual tools.  If they are bored with traditional flashcards, post-its or math manipulatives try out one of the virtual tools on our list: MyScript Calculator (calculator) Coordinate Grid for iPads (graph paper) Reading a Ruler on iPads (ruler) Base 10 Blocks (math manipulatives) iPad Lab Timer for Experiments (lab timer) Thesaurus Reference Tool (thesaurus) iPad Measurement Tools… Read Article →

Learn to Read Music with the Piano Mania App

Learn to Read Music with the Piano Mania App

You don’t need a piano to bring music into your classroom thanks to this impressive app! Piano Mania by JoyTunes helps children read sheet music and understand the connection between notes on a page and piano keys. This app is worth checking out if you have musical students who don’t have access to a piano but want to try playing this virtual keyboard.  It’s free to get started with extra… Read Article →

Kodable to Introduce Coding Skills to Students

Introduce Coding Skills to Students with Kodable

Coding is an important STEM skill that you can introduce to children at an early age.  Two of my favorites apps for doing just this are Hopscotch and Daisy the Dinosaur.  Another great app to add to your list is Kodable. Kodable introduces basic programming skills to students as it pushes them to problem solve.  This colorful app is totally free and contains different levels to keep students engaged.  One thing… Read Article →

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A Virtual Number Line for iPads

  The Math Learning Center has some fantastic apps and I’ve already shared two of my favorites: Geoboard and Number Pieces. Number Line for iPad (also available as a web app) is a powerful virtual tool that helps children see relationships between numbers and interact with a number line.  Perfect for elementary school classrooms and as a support tool for special needs students, this app gives children the opportunity to… Read Article →

Colorful iPad Drawing Tool

Drawing with Carl is a fantastic free iPad app that turns your iPad into a virtual dry erase board for creating pictures using lots of tools.  Kids can draw with different colors, add letters and stickers and even use the symmetry button to draw symmetrical figures.  Students have the choice of saving their picture to their iPad’s camera roll or sending it in an email. Have children draw a picture… Read Article →