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Common Core and iPads

19 Oct

If you missed my recent presentations at EdTechNJ or the University of Delaware’s iPads in Education Conference, check them out here:

Download: Teaching Common Core Math on iPads

Dropbox: Fill it up!

20 Feb

photo (7)I love using Dropbox  in my classroom, in fact I can’t live without it.  Dropbox is fantastic if you’re looking to conserve resources or save time making photocopies.
Here are just a few things that are in my students’ Dropboxes right now:

  • Vocabulary reference charts
  • Reader’s Theater scripts
  • Reading passages
  • Project Rubrics
  • Activity sheets that can be completed in other apps
  • PowerPoint/Keynote presentations

Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan bundle with activity sheets that can be completed in other apps on your iPad!

Complete Student Work and Reduce Paper

2 Nov

One thing I love about using iPads in my classroom is the ability to reduce paper how much paper we consume.  I fill my class Dropbox with graphic organizers and activity sheets and have my students complete them on their iPads. PaperPort Notes is a great app for importing PDF files from Dropbox and adding text.  My students will annotate the document and email it to me.  I can decide what to print and display after looking at their work. The rest I can leave in my inbox and I know where it is if I need to reference it.

Check out my teacher store for lesson plans with activity sheets that can be completed on iPads!


Import PDF files from Dropbox

Use text boxes to answer questions

Have students email their work to you for review

I Can’t Live Without… Dropbox

14 Aug

You might have checked out my presentation on using Dropbox with the Noterize app earlier this year.  If you haven’t started using Dropbox I don’t know what to say… I can’t live without it!

What is DropboxDropbox is a free service that let’s you share files over a wireless network. Download the software on one computer and files can be accessed from multiple locations…including an iPad. 
You can drag and drop files to your Dropbox just like you would move a file from one folder to another.
View my Dropbox presentation for step-by-step instructions on how to add new documents straight to your Dropbox.
It would take me all day to list the number of apps that allow you to access your Dropbox: PaperPort Notes, Evernote, Educreations are just a few.  They allow you to import PDF files, pictures and more from your Dropbox into their app.  This allows you to use and modify your own content.
If you have a class set of iPads, you can download the Dropbox app on the student iPads and everyone can link to your Dropbox account – now every student has access to the same material. (Rubrics, reading passages, activity sheets…you name it!)
I attended a great presentation by NYC educator Adam Stone where he discussed setting up a video library for his ASL students using Dropbox. Check out his blog post!

Access your Dropbox in Educreations to import pictures for presentations or to annotate in this “simulated interactive whiteboard” app

The Dropbox app allows you to access a variety of files on you iPad. I set up my students with the app and access to our class account so they can view rubrics, import activity sheets into other apps, and more!

This app is also available on Android devices.
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