Free Virtual Visit with Author Kate Messner on Oct. 20th

28 Sep

Free Virtual Visit with Author Kate Messner on Oct. 20thThe National Day on Writing takes place on October 20th and the folks at WeAreTeachers and Zaner-Bloser are hosting a special event for students in grades 3-5.  New York Times Notable author Kate Messner will virtually visit classrooms through a special Google Hangout.

As part of Kate Messner’s visit, students will learn about the writing process from the perspective of a published author.  Students will see how the writing process they go through in school — brainstorming, researching, planning, drafting and editing– is similar to the steps taken by this well-known children’s author.

Free Virtual Visit with Author Kate Messner on Oct. 20thKate Messner will share how authors, editors, copyeditors and illustrators work as a team to publish a book.  Students will have an opportunity to ask the author live questions during this completely free, special event.  Teachers can also download free pre- and post-event activities to extend their students’ learning.

Visit WeAreTeachers’ website to learn more about this totally free National Day on Writing event!

MergePDF Online: Easy Tool For Multiple File Types

27 Sep

MergePDF: Easy Online Tool For Multiple File TypesMergePDF Online is a useful online tool that lets teachers combine multiple documents to create one PDF.  On this site, you can merge PDF and image files (JPG, PNG & BMP) into a single PDF.  If you are putting together documents for your school you can even add a watermark to your final merged PDF pages.  Whether you’re combining documents as you put together a student portfolio, or want to make a study packet with a variety of documents, this tool can come in handy.

MergePDF: Easy Online Tool For Multiple File TypesNotable features of MergePDF Online include the ability to add page numbering to the final document.  The tool works over SSL and auto deletes all files 20 minutes after processing is complete.  MergePDF is also mobile friendly and works on smartphones too.

Visit MergePDF Online’s website to learn more!

iCloth Cleaning Wipes: Cleaning Supply for Mobile Screen

26 Sep
iCloth Cleaning Wipes: Cleaning Supply for Mobile ScreenIf you’re guilty of working off a smudgy screen iCloth cleaning wipes will definitely come in handy.  I’ve had a chance to check out these super-soft wipes that are designed to keep the screens on your mobile devices clean. They are individually sealed and pre-moistened making them portable and ready-to-use.

.iCloth Cleaning Wipes: Cleaning Supply for Mobile ScreeniCloth cleaning wipes could be used as part of a regular device management routine or as needed on the mobile devices in your classroom.  You might decide to distribute them to individual students or have a tech team who takes on the role of keeping screens clean.  Super easy to use and very effective, iCloth cleaning wipes are worth checking out.


Visit iCloth’s website to learn more!


Vocabubble App for iPads: Whimsical Illustrations & New Words

25 Sep
Vocabubble App for iPads: Whimsical Illustrations & New Words
Vocabubble is a whimsical iPad app that helps children discover new words.  This unique vocabulary app connects students to new words associated with the letters of the alphabet.  Each letter brings several different pictures to life.  The classical illustrations move about the screen as new words are spelled out for students.
Vocabubble App for iPads: Whimsical Illustrations & New WordsDesigned for children ages 3 to 7 years old, Vocabubble can be used to leverage what students already know about the letters of the alphabet to help them increase their vocabulary.  The goal of this app is to help students learn new words while interacting with the letters and pictures on their screen.  The combination of familiar illustrations and letters flowing across the screen makes this a neat choice for after school practice or station work.  Vocabubble is available in four different languages and doesn’t have any ads or in-app purchases.
Visit the Apple App Store to learn more about Vocabubble!

Vibby: Highlight, Share & Discuss Any Video

24 Sep
Vibby: Highlight, Share & Discuss Any Video
Using video in the classroom is a great way to build background knowledge and engage students.  Vibby lets teachers quickly locate and play the parts of a video clip that are most relevant and helpful for their students.  Instead of skimming to the “right” moment of a clip, Vibby lets teachers highlight different parts of a video.  This makes it easy to share the perfect video with students and sets kids up for a meaningful discussion.
Vibby: Highlight, Share & Discuss Any Video
With Vibby, teachers can integrate video clips into their lesson.  This tools lets educators add questions and prompts throughout the video and is easy to use.  The student-friendly design helps kids navigate Vibby videos – interacting with media in a totally new way.  Teachers pick a YouTube video and highlight the moments they want to share.  Viewers can comment directly on the video and teachers can share the unique link with their students.  Teachers can also send videos to their students (or ask them to find them on their own).  Students can then highlight the moments they find interesting, complicated, important, etc.
Visit Vibby’s website to learn more about this super cool tool!

Osmo Numbers: A Brand New Interactive Math Game

23 Sep

Osmo Numbers: A Brand New Interactive Math GameOsmo is an amazing company that has transformed the way educators use iPads in the classroom.  Their interactive games let students combine tangible manipulatives with a digital device.  I was introduced to Osmo when it first came out and now they have a brand-new app and toy called Osmo Numbers.  Osmo Numbers turns math into an engaging, interactive experience that lets students explore number concepts.  With real time feedback kids can learn from their mistakes and problem solve as they work to find the answer.

Osmo Numbers: A Brand New Interactive Math GamePlaying with Osmo is really a must see to believe experience.  As you move the number tiles across a table the iPad registers them and connects your movements to the game.  The object of this underwater-themed game is to release the fish captured in bubbles by combining the numbered tiles to reach a matching sum.  Watch this video to see how Osmo Numbers works.  Osmo addresses a handful of skills including math sense where students learn from trial and error and collaboration as kids work together on a shared screen.

Visit Osmo’s website to learn more about Osmo Numbers and their other super fun apps!

Speed Reading Academy for iPads

22 Sep

Speed Reading Academy for iPadsSpeed Reading Academy is a fun, educational app that helps young readers build their fluency and stamina.  This interactive app is designed to help students increase their reading speed while playing along with the game.  Speed Reading Academy works in English, Spanish, Italian and Romanian. While students make their way through each activity they will see simple words on the screen that increase in complexity.

Speed Reading Academy for iPadsAs students move through the levels of Speed Reading Academy they’ll be introduced to new words and improve the reading ability by eliminating subvocalization (saying the words in their head).  The exercises are designed to help kids recognize large chunks of words together the same way they internalize sight words.

Learn more about Speed Reading Academy by visiting the Apple App Store or watching this video!

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