iPad Comic Creator Updated Features from Comics Head

iPad Comic Creator: Updated Features from Comics Head

Last year I shared Comics Head, an engaging app for storytellers.  Students of all ages can create their own comics, storyboards, and presentations with the iPad app Comics Head.  With the new update to Comics Head (version 3.0) students and teachers have access to handful of new exciting features in this iPad comic book creator app. Comics Head 3.0 includes an Asset Store where you can download more art assets of your choice… Read Article →

National Parks Guide & Maps Apps from REI

National Parks Guide & Maps: Apps from REI

The National Parks Guide and Maps apps from REI are terrific for students and teachers on the ground and in the classroom. Whether you’re taking students on a park visit or incorporating a virtual trip into a lesson, the REI apps for iOS and Android are worth checking out. These apps include trail maps and guides for a handful of national parks including the Grand Canyon and Mount Rainier. If you’re… Read Article →

Online Games for Students DigiPuzzle for Skill Practice & Play

Online Games for Students: DigiPuzzle for Skill Practice & Play

DigiPuzzle is a resource for online games for students that covers a wide range of skills and interests.  This website includes educational games that cover math skills like fractions and multiplication and playful games related to topics like wintertime.  Finding online resources for students that keeps them interested and engaged can be a challenge, but DigiPuzzle has hundreds of games giving kids plenty to choose from. DigiPuzzle is a good choice for schools… Read Article →

Ecosystem App for iPads iBiome-Wetland Exploration

Ecosystem App for iPads: iBiome-Wetland Exploration

iBiome-Wetland is an ecosystem app for iPads that is perfect for students exploring biodiversity. With this app kids will learn about the wetland habitat and the species that live there. This app includes challenges for students and lets them build marshes and swamps. In iBiome-Wetland, Professor Bio guides students as they interact with food webs and explore wetland habitats including fresh water marsh, salt water marsh and mangrove swamp. Students will interact with a handful… Read Article →

Grammar Lessons: Video & Writing Exercises from GrammarFlip 1

Grammar Lessons: Video & Writing Exercises from GrammarFlip

GrammarFlip is a self-paced, instructional program that offers an extensive set of engaging grammar lessons. GrammarFlip contains over 50 instructional videos, each followed by practice exercises and writing application activities.  Students learn at their own pace from instructional videos, receive instant feedback from interactive practice exercises, and apply their knowledge through writing activities. Teachers can register on GrammarFlip for free and create online classrooms in which they can track their students’ progress… Read Article →

Dr. Panda Play & Communication App

Dr. Panda Play & Communication App

Dr. Panda Candy Factory is an app for young learners that provides a space to play, create and communicate.  Students can interact with the app on their own or play together with a peer, teacher or caregiver.  With this playful app students have space to explore a candy factory and make choices in the space.  In Dr. Panda Candy Factory kids experiment with color, flavor and shapes to create candy…. Read Article →

Interactive Lesson Creator Monitor Progress with Stile

Create Interactive Lessons and Monitor Progress Live with Stile

Stile is a power tool for creating and teaching interactive lessons.  Not only can you quickly create interactive lessons, you can also monitor progress live and provide real-time feedback, all in a single platform.Lessons in Stile are built with an easy drag and drop lesson builder. Teachers can choose to add a variety of content including videos, mind maps, or multiple choice questions. It also lets users drag and drop images, graphs,… Read Article →


Chat-Based, On-Demand Tutoring Service from GradeSlam

GradeSlam is an unlimited, chat-based, on-demand tutoring service.  It supports students in all subjects and levels.  GradeSlam tutors are online 24/7 so students can log on anytime and speak with a tutor.  This means students can access support in any time zone, any time of day – think of it like a Netflix for tutoring.  All tutoring sessions are conducted via chat and with the click of a button, students can… Read Article →

ClassDojo Video Series on Growth Mindset

ClassDojo Video Series on Growth Mindset

 ClassDojo is a powerful classroom management tool used by teachers around the world.  The folks at ClassDojo are launching a video series and accompanying discussion guides all about Growth Mindset.  The goal of the ClassDojo video series is to help any and every classroom learn about growth mindset and how to start developing one. The series will be five episodes in length that follow Mojo (ClassDojo’s much loved green monster) and his… Read Article →

iPad Storybook Billy's Coin Visits the Zoo

iPad Storybook: Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo

Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo is a whimsical iPad storybook from Spinlight Studios.  This eBook app tells the story of a boy who drops his coin at the zoo.  The story follows the adventures of the coin page by page.  One thing I love about interactive storybooks is how it supports independent readers.  With Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo students can follow along as they listen to a narrator tell the story…. Read Article →