Transform Class Communication with TocoMail

21 Feb
iPhone New Mail openTocomail is a great tool for teachers and students that I first shared last year.  It is a communication tool that gives students the opportunity to message their classmates and teacher in a closed network that is tightly monitored.  With TocoMail teachers can created a “walled garden” of class communication using computers and tablets.  Students will get a safe email account and can benefit from learning communication strategies and how to be a good digital citizen in safe environment.
New_Web_MailboxClass communication with TocoMail is simple.  After a quick initial setup the teacher controls all external communication and can monitor internal communication.  This means that they are able to see what is happening and can keep track of student conversations.  Whether students are collaborating on a group project or sharing an opinion on a topic, TocoMail can increase communication in your classroom.
Visit their website to learn more!


Flip Your Classroom in Minutes with Standard Planner

20 Feb
Earlier this year I shared Standards Planner, a lesson planner tool for teachers that allows users to search through thousands of free resources.  Teachers can create, upload, and convert lessons, videos, and instructional material to make a plan for instruction.  Standards Planner users can align their plans to all 50 state and national standards including the Common Core.  They have a terrific feature that makes it easy to share resources with students in a flipped learning environment.  Just follow these steps:

1) Setup your daily schedule: Choose the subjects you teach and the time you teach them and your teaching calendar will be generated for you. Daily, block, and custom scheduling are supported to help organize your teaching material.


2) Drag and drop your teaching material:  Standards Planner is designed to keep you on one screen without having search for teaching material on different websites or change to additional pages. Simply search for resources in one of many apps included on the left tool section, or even upload videos and documents from your computer. (All resources uploaded can be viewed within the app, no more downloading back to your computer to use them). You can search by keyword, brand, or even aligned national and state standards such as Common Core, Next Gen Science, and more. Drag and drop these resources onto your calendar according to the schedule you just setup.


3) Publish your calendar: Once you have finished planning out your week you have the option to make your calendar public. They generate a unique teacher website to push out to parents, students, substitutes, peers, and administrators. Uncheck any subjects and period you do not want to publish and they will not appear.

Standards Planner allows you to enhance learning outside of the classroom so students will be prepared when you instruct them.  Visit their website to learn more!

LoiLoNote School an Active Learning Creativity App

19 Feb

Image 1 (small)LoiLoNote School is an active learning, teamwork and creativity tool for students.  As a tool for both teachers and students, LoiLoNote School can also be used as a classroom and behavior management tool.  It’s perfect to use across the content areas in both a one-to-one and shared tablet environment.

Image 2 (small)-2Instead of switching between multiple apps, this free, cloud-based app lets teachers create, import and share materials.  Teachers can share their screen, push assignments, compare answers, share private feedback, monitor students’ activity, or lock their screens and communication. Students can create personalized multimedia ePortfolios, collaborate with peers in real time, accomplish a task or share their screen as they present to the class.

Visit their website to check out the user-friendly interface and get started with LoiLoNote School!

LoiLoNote School is now offering free trials of the school license with full support and PD workshops. Contact their team by February 28 to get a spot.


Online Resource: National Geographic Kids

18 Feb

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 9.03.49 AMNational Geographic has a handful of apps for students including Weird But True, National Parks, Underground Railroad, and Marine Missions.  In addition to these great choices for tablets, their website National Geographic Kids is a terrific resource for students and teachers.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 9.04.14 AMNational Geographic Kids has games, articles, pictures and more for kids of all ages to explore.  It can be used to incorporate informational text or multimedia into a whole class lesson.  Students can also dive into the resources on the site to answer their own questions or conduct research projects.

Check out their website to see everything that is available for your students!

Lyrics2Learn to Engage Readers

17 Feb
Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.30.16 PM Lyrics2Learn is a website that hosts hundreds of 15 minute, interactive reading lessons for students.  These teacher created lesson plans were designed to improve elementary reading skills while keeping kids engaged.  It’s a great choice for reading centers where students can work independently or share a screen.
unnamed-1Students can practice choral reading and repeated reading to build their fluency.  Each fluency activity is followed by three levels of interactive questioning aligned to standards.  Students will receive immediate feedback and as students become familiar with the text, levels increase to push their comprehension. Lyrics2Learn works on any device on a web browser.  It blends science, history, character building, and grammar with reading.
Check out their free downloadable lessons for upper elementary and primary students or visit their website!

JFK Challenge App for American History

16 Feb

screen480x480The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation has a new app for elementary and middle students called JFK Challenge.  This iPad app takes kids to the Apollo 11 mission to teach them about this period in American History.  Kids can take a spaceship to the moon as they explore this animated app.  Perfect for children curious about space travel or for teachers looking to engage students in a social studies lesson, this completely free app is worth checking out.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.05.11 PMDownload JFK Challenge from the Apple App Store for free today!

Simplify Your Digital Workflow with Seesaw

15 Feb
Earlier this month I posted about Seesaw, an app that captures student work and is great for all learners in your classroom.  With this app students can snap a picture of their work and record their voice.  It’s a neat way for children to show what they have learned about a topic.
seesaw-ios-app-web-appSeesaw can help teachers collect, organize, and share the digital creations their students make.  Students snap a picture, add audio, and tap their screen to show their teacher what they have created.  Teachers can organize all of their classwork by student name and decide which snapshots and clips they would like to share with parents.  Seesaw can import anything saved to the iPad Camera Roll and works with over 20 other popular apps to make it even easier to share their work
Learn more about Seesaw by visiting their website!
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