JuniorTube for Video Curation

22 Jan
iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jan 17, 2015, 7.02.04 PM A very cool solution for getting videos in the hands of students, JuniorTube (formerly YoouKids) helps parents and teachers curate and share a YouTube playlist.  Users can pick out educational videos for kids to watch remotely and safely so they can easily be viewed on children’s iPads and iPhones. JuniorTube makes it simple to put quality content on their devices without worrying about navigating YouTube by themselves. Parents and teachers can suggest to each other their own YouTube playlists that they curate, so they can forward to their kids other recommended safe playlists and videos to watch.
iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jan 17, 2015, 7.03.39 PMAt home, JuniorTube provides kids with safe and controlled access to YouTube playlists picked out by parents.  Children can draw and annotate YouTube videos to demonstrate their thinking.  They can also watch these clips on an Apple TV or Chromecast.  In schools, JuniorTube can be integrated with different learning management systems, like Canvas, via EduAppCenter. JuniorTube can be set up to play videos curated by teachers even if YouTube is blocked in schools.
Learn more about JuniorTube by visiting the App Store!

SNAP! Digital Lesson for Guided Reading

21 Jan

video1SNAP! Learning has a digital solution for managing guided reading groups in your classroom.  Perfect for any type of tablet, teachers can first launch the program on their device then pick the grade level, lesson and study guide they would like to access.  The app helps students build background knowledge on a topic through visuals and interactive activities.

sgr_promo_2With SNAP! Learning students can work on learning new vocabulary words from stories they read and answer questions to demonstrate their comprehension.  The graphic organizers included within this app will help students keep track of events in a story and while giving you insight into their mastery of key content. There are 130 books in K-6 content covering history, science, and language arts.  It includes built-in fluency, comprehension, and multiple choice assessments as well as cloud-based storage, trackable assessments and built-in data collection.  SNAP! Learning works on iPads, Android tablets, interactive whiteboards, or the web and has a touch and view glossary for complex words, and voice over directions for each page.

You can request a demo of their product and learn more by visiting their website!

Teacher-Authored iPad Activities for Frolyc

20 Jan

frolyc-activitiesLast year I introduced Frolyc, a very cool teacher tool for creating lesson based activities and shared their premium offerings.   Frolyc continues to be a flexible and powerful educational platform that empowers teachers and students to curate, create, teach and learn.

Over the past few months Frolyc’s activity catalog has grown significantly. There are over 130 cross-curricular, multimedia-rich reading, questioning and writing activities created by teachers that have been used in their very own classrooms.

Frolyc is launching a teacher-author program to incentivize teachers and further grow this catalog of Common Core aligned activities. If you are a teacher who creates lessons or a teacher who wants to create interactive mini-apps for the iPad, get in touch with Frolyc to learn more about this program.

If not, browse their catalog of iPad activities and assign some to your students. If you don’t find activities that suit your needs, create one or request one. Explore Frolyc, I am sure you will be hooked!

Co-Create Multi-media Notebooks with bindrs

19 Jan

BindrInsideIf you are looking to create multi-media notebooks with your students you’ll definitely want to check out bindrs.  This completely free tool supports group projects and is as simple to use as a paper notebook.  It utilizes social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to help bring students together to create, update and share projects.  All of their work and chats are private and safely storied in one place.

BuddyChatTeachers can follow the whole group’s project and give feedback throughout the process.  It’s accessible on all devices including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones.  Instead of sending lots of emails to one another students and teachers can work together all in one place.

Check out bindrs by visiting their website, or search for “bindrs” on Facebook.  You can even contact the bindrs team for support with a trial at your school!

KONG cart Bundle: A Digital Media Solution

18 Jan

Bundle 2The KONG cart Bundle is a very cool option for classrooms looking to take classroom technology to the next level.  It’s an integrated heads-up digital media solution for the classroom that gives schools an option to replace costly ceiling mounted projectors. Featuring the Casio XJ-M146 Laser LED lampless projector, a 30W Anchor Audio speaker with optional wireless mic, and the MONKEYmount 280 (a universal tablet stand that helps the tablet work like a document camera), these three products work together to give teachers everything they need.

Bundle 1All three products are securely mounted on an innovative and rugged multimedia cart – the KONGcart 2095.  The cart includes an innovative projector arm that makes it easier for teachers to project from a cart.  It gives them the option to face students and project to the rear without glare.

The KONGcart2095 is $1999.99, learn more by visiting their website!

Online Writing Course for High School Students

17 Jan

Complete-best-2A new writing course for students and educators is now available online. Writing Whatever has been called “the missing writing course” for high schools because it bridges that gap between narrative writing in the middle grades and the expository writing of the upper grades. Using a unique, copyrighted numbering system, Writing Whatever shows students exactly how famous writers like J. K. Rowling, E. B. White, Ursula Le Guin, and Bruce Catton achieve such detail, organization, and style.

This completely online course covers the sentence, the paragraph, and ultimately the essay, with 60 lessons and over five hours of focused videos—perfect for the blended classroom.

Visit writingwhatever.com to preview the course and to order your free Teacher’s Guide!

Engaging Social Studies Lessons with Drawp

16 Jan
Drawp Apollo Project draft-2 I’ve shared some of the reasons I love Drawp for School and this includes how easily it can be incorporated across the subject areas.  Social studies teachers love using Drawp as a way to inspire students to create multimedia bundles.  Not only do Drawp creations help students build an understanding of particular subjects and concepts, it’s a great opportunity for having them show what they know.
Drawp Apollo 11 ProjectHere are a few ways to use Drawp in the social studies classroom:
  • Teachers can ask students to explain a historical event with a collage of photos, drawings, voice recordings and text using Drawp
  • Students can draw a portrait of a historical figure and attach a voice recording of a quote by the person
  • Kids can collaborate on projects about history using Drawp and teachers can see the flow of work between the group
  • Students can draw timelines and include photos, drawings, labels and voice recordings
Learn more about Drawp by visiting their website or gather extra ideas for social studies lessons by checking out this post!
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