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360 Video Spotlight: CNN Virtual Reality Videos

CNN Virtual Reality videos are here! Users of all ages can now access 360 degree video to explore different places, spaces and special events. From heading inside of London’s Big Ben to standing on the edge of an aircraft carrier, students can view 360 video on a laptop, tablet or headset to explore the world.

If you’re a regular visitor to you know how much I love virtual reality. This type of immersive storytelling can reach learners in new ways and help them build a better understanding of what life is like in different parts of the world. I’ve featured a handful of 360 spotlights including the New York Times VR and these lessons from Nearpod. CNN now has an archive full of virtual reality videos to bring into your classroom.

3 Notable CNN Virtual Reality Videos

Video: Earthquake

Curriculum Connections: natural disasters, earth science, pre-reading activity

Video: New York Stock Exchange

Curriculum Connections: economics, math, informational text extension

Video: Aircraft Carrier

Curriculum Connections: model for collaborative working environments, global history

How can you use CNN Virtual Reality videos in the classroom?

The virtual reality 360 videos from CNN are short in length and include narration. This means you can pull the videos up on a web-browser connected to an interactive whiteboard and move the view side to side as students watch as a whole class. Alternatively you might load the video on smartphone and have students view the video using an inexpensive headset like a Google Cardboard (this one is under $10). If you’re in a class with access to tablets, students can open these videos on their device and move back and forth to view the video at different angles.

Interested in learning more about virtual reality? Click here to download my free guide for getting started with VR.

Click here to check out all the videos in CNN’s Virtual Reality archive.


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