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K-2 Math Tool You Might Be Missing (and a Chance to Get It for FREE!)

I’ve shared Happy Numbers before and I’m excited to announce their special promotion for teachers! This online resource supports differentiation by providing independent, individualized math instruction to students so teachers can focus on small groups. The adaptive scoring ensures students receive exactly enough practice to master a concept. Students receive immediate feedback and remediation for errors. The audio feature supports non-readers or those who struggle with directions. Happy Numbers is aligned to the Common Core Standards and is compatible with interactive whiteboards, iPads, Chromebooks and Android tablets.

K-2 Math Tool You Might Be MissingFor a short time (through the end of May) you can enter to win one of ten Happy Numbers subscriptions (FREE!). Plus, all teachers who enter will receive a discount up to $30 off the $99 annual subscription.

Check out the May promotion from Happy Numbers or visit their website to learn more!


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