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Quick Flashcard Creation and Export​ on iPads

Synopsis is a completely free iPad app for students that lets users create notes by highlighting different sections of a PDF document. Students can then modify the notes they have created by adding their own text. Synopsis gives students the power to summarize any text so they won’t need to go back to a PDF document to study material.  Each individual note can be converted to its own flashcard there is no need to buy flashcards or type and create your own.

Flashcard Creation

IMG_0421Users can now export their flashcards to their Quizlet account.  All of these flashcards can be created on the go, as you read through study material on your iPad.  Once each flashcard is saved, Synopsis has introduced a new feature to export all your flashcards to your Quizlet account. Teachers and students can even share the flashcards they have created to make it easy for anyone to access and study.

Learn more about Synopsis by visiting their website or watching this video!

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