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Pic Collage to Make iPad Posters

You might have used a app like this to create a scrapbook page of family pictures but it can be easily used in the classroom.  Pic Collage is a free app that allows users to take multiple images and place them on a blank canvas or within borders and add text and captions.  Students in my class use pictures that they’ve taken themselves or gathered from Google Image search.  They… Read Article →

iPad MadLibs

Forget about the way you completed Mad Libs as a child – there’s an app for that!  The official Mad Libs app offers 21 free stories that can be used to reinforce literacy skills.  Have students identify parts of speech and create their own fill in the blank story. Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan using this app in the classroom!

SnapGuide for How-Tos

I love learning new things and SnapGuide is a fantastic free app that you must explore! Pinterest is a great place for gathering new ideas, and SnapGuide takes this concept to a whole new level.  SnapGuide is full of how-to guides that show step-by-step instructions on how to complete a variety of tasks.  You and your students can even create your own how-to guides using this free service! Check out… Read Article →

Illustrate a Story

There are so many great apps to have students practice storytelling and here’s another I love.  Pirate Scribble by Kidoodle is more than just a coloring book.  Students create pictures that correspond to a story that is told in sequence.  It’s a great way to reinforce literacy skills while allowing students the opportunity to be creative. Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan using another storytelling app I love!… Read Article →

Wordmover for Poem Creation

This free app acts like the magnetic words you might have on your refrigerator. Created by the National Council of Teachers of English, Wordmover allows students to manipulate words on their screen. Choose from the list they’ve provided and add your own words to create phrases, sentences or poems. I think this app would be perfect for a poetry station or a challenge activity for fast finishers.  

Rock and Mineral Identifier App-min

Rock and Mineral Identifier App

I love hands-on science activities, especially when I can integrate technology into my lesson.  Two fantastic free apps for Earth Science are Mineral Identifier and Common Rocks Reference.  These apps are full of information for students who are identifying rocks and minerals.  If you’re school doesn’t have access to hands-on materials this app can work as a substitution. Rock and Mineral Identifier Apps Mineral Identifier App One of the basics… Read Article →

Interactive US Electoral Map

If you want your students to grasp the political history of the US check out The States.  This free app includes electoral data from every US election.  A colorful, crisp map displays the distribution of electoral votes while providing information on the candidates in each presidential election.  It doesn’t have to be November to bring the history ofpolitics alive for your students! Check out a bundle of my Common Core… Read Article →

Picture Perfect Behavior

There are lots of ways to create a classroom culture that rewards positive behavior. I love using the camera on my iPad to record “Picture Perfect” behavior. When I’m ready to start a lesson I want my students sitting up straight, with a pencil on their desk, and their iPads flipped over to prevent any distractions. Whether my iPad is tethered to my projector or I’m using AirPlay to project without… Read Article →

Math History Timeline

There are lots of great free timeline apps for the iPad and I’ve shared some already (American Revolution and Titanic).  IBM’s Mind of Modern Mathematics is a fantastic interactive timeline with illustrations, primary source documents and information on important moments in the history of math.  It includes biographies of famous mathematicians and vintage videos on math concepts. Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan using this app!

Organize Your iPad Cart

A lot of teachers have asked about the best way to organize their iPad cart.  I am lucky to work in a 1:1 school with a cart of iPads that stay in my classroom. I label student iPads with numbers and names to make access and organization quick and easy.  The labels stay on the iPad case and I’m careful not to block the speakers or any other buttons.  I… Read Article →