EdTech Essentials: The Top 10 Technology Strategies for All Learning Environments

I’ve been waiting to tell you about this for months… and it’s finally time to spill the beans!

What’s the big news? My new book EdTech Essentials: The Top 10 Technology Strategies for All Learning Environments, is ready for you to check out!

For the last few years, I’ve worked with my fantastic publisher ASCD to put together a new resource for you. My goal with this new book was to help you focus on the essentials of using EdTech in a classroom setting. I’m all about keeping things simple and focused, and this book is designed to help readers narrow down what truly matters when integrating technology into all learning environments.

⭐️ To celebrate the release of the book…

.. I put together something special for you ⭐️

I’m excited to share a set of bonus items

This back-to-school season I’m sending out a bundle of bonuses to anyone who grabs a copy of EdTech Essentials before September 30th.

What you’ll get right away:

  • Instant access to a digital version of Chapter 1 
  • PDF study guide to use on your own or with a group of colleagues
  • An interactive list of 100+ EdTech tools featured in the appendix
  • And… an invitation to a live, virtual Q&A event this fall and a recording of the replay

Here’s what you have to do to get the bonus items:

  1. Purchase the book on Amazon using my affiliate link before midnight ET on September 30, 2021 –> https://bit.ly/EdTechEssentials
  2. Forward the email receipt to me or (send a screenshot of your receipt) to hello@classtechtips.com
  3. Then, check your inbox for: (1) digital version of Chapter 1, (2) PDF study guide, and (3) interactive list of 100+ EdTech tools. The invitation to the live, virtual Q&A will come later this fall.

Sharing tips, strategies, and lesson ideas with fellow educators is my passion, and I’m so happy you’re along for the ride! 

All the best,


P.S. My publisher ASCD gave me a heads up that there could be a little bit of a delay in shipping — so the sooner you get your order in, the sooner the book will ship out to you from Amazon. And I’ll send along the first chapter of the book, the PDF Study Guide and the list of EdTech tools to you right away once you order.

EdTech Essentials: The Top 10 Technology Strategies for All Learning Environments

In a world awash in technology, what EdTech skills and strategies should educators focus on to ensure they are making the best use of online spaces for classroom learning? How can they navigate through the overwhelming number of options in digital tools and spaces? How can they guide students in learning best practices? 

Monica Burns, Ed.D. answers these and other questions in this powerful and reader-friendly guide to incorporating EdTech across all grade levels and subject areas, and in both distance-learning and face-to-face environments. Readers will gain practical advice on:

  • Navigating online spaces
  • Curating resources
  • Introducing opportunities for exploring the world
  • Developing collaboration structures
  • Providing time and space to create learning products
  • Assessing students
  • Creating opportunities for sharing
  • Connecting student work to relevant audiences
  • Developing transferable skills
  • Planning for tech-rich learning experiences

Each chapter explains why the skill or strategy is essential, including supporting research, classroom examples, guiding questions for planning and reflection, and suggested websites and digital tools for classroom use. The book also includes 100+ favorite EdTech tools, and access to downloadable forms to help you set goals, assess your progress, and build your EdTech tool belt.

Timely, accessible, and informed by the author’s experience and expertise, EdTech Essentials is a must-read for educators who want proven ways to prepare their students to be productive, responsible users of technology both within and outside the classroom.