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Brand new 2nd Edition

This is an accessible, practical guide to incorporating 12 essential EdTech skills and strategies in every learning setting—expanded and updated for the AI era.

Written for educators who want proven ways to prepare their students to be productive, responsible users of technology both inside and outside the classroom. 

Praise for EdTech Essentials

'This easy read is packed with practical strategies that can be used immediately.'

Through her extensive experience and vast knowledge of educational technology, Monica Burns has created a resource that every educator will benefit from. Her book focuses squarely on what the learner can and should be doing with digital tools to develop needed competencies in a rapidly changing world. Although technology has and continues to change at a rapid pace, Monica reminds us that it is effective pedagogy that matters above all else. This easy read is packed with practical strategies that can be used immediately.

– Eric Sheninger, Associate Partner, International Center for Leadership in Education and Best-Selling author

'Tons of ideas that put students first... a must-read for every educator...'

EdTech Essentials removes all the clutter from what’s out there and is available for teachers and students. Monica shares tons of ideas that put students first in both face-to-face and online learning spaces. This book is filled with practical ideas, resources, classroom examples, and opportunities for reflection. Readers are sure to walk away with amazing ideas to help students become more productive, collaborative, and innovative. A must-read for every educator’s professional toolbox!


Edtech Books by Monica

Available now in paperback and as ebooks. Click Monica’s Amazon affiliate links to purchase.

EdTech Essentials: 12 Strategies for Every Classroom in the Age of AI, 2nd Edition

Timely and accessible, the 2nd edition of the book shares ways to prepare students to be productive, responsible users of technology in the Age of AI.

Book Cover: Tasks Before Apps - Designing Rigorous Learning in a Tech-Rich Classroom, by Monica Burns

Tasks Before Apps: Designing Rigorous Learning in a Tech-Rich Classroom

Focusing on "three Cs" of technology implementation —creation, curiosity, and collaboration — this book offers K-12 teachers advice for (and copious examples of) tech-infused lessons for classrooms using technology.

Quick Reference Guides by Monica

3-panel, 3-hole-punched, laminated foldout guides. Click Monica’s Amazon affiliate links to purchase.
Quick Reference Guide: Classroom Technology Tips, by Monica Burns

Classroom Technology Tips

Featuring 30+ strategic uses of classroom technology and 40+ tool recommendations, this guide is for educators across grade levels and subject areas to help make their lessons more accessible, rigorous, and engaging.

Using AI Chatbots to Enhance Planning and Instruction

An overview of how teachers can use AI chatbots like ChatGPT to design learning experiences and accelerate their workflow, including advice for how to incorporate chatbots into their planning and instruction

Quick Reference Guide: Engaging Students in Reading All Types of Text, by Monica Burns

Engaging Students in Reading

Co-authored with Pam Allyn, use this guide to help students hone their skills across a wide variety of material both online and offline —and develop the confidence they'll need to be lifelong readers.

'Monica Burns has done it again.'

Monica Burns has done it again. Filled with practical information, EdTech Essentials narrows down the most vital areas for classroom technology use to make sure students are being supported in all ways that they interact in digital spaces. Whether you are an administrator supporting teachers and making plans for your school year, or a teacher looking to infuse high-quality digital learning experiences into your lessons, this book will help you prioritize the skills that matter most and give you the tools needed to guide your students in growing as creators, consumers, and collaborators. Filled with today’s most robust tools and resources you can use tomorrow, EdTech Essentials should be the next book on your professional reading list!


'Indispensable examples, prompts, and teaching strategies across grade levels...

EdTech Essentials provides an important action plan for teachers and schools implementing technology to facilitate learning and a critical lens on AI in education. This book includes indispensable examples, prompts, and teaching strategies across grade levels and diverse learning environments to help students and teachers navigate the digital landscape in school and beyond. Dr. Monica Burns guides readers through learning experiences that showcase positive digital citizenship and empower students to be collaborators and creators in our digital world.

– Michele L. Haiken, EdD, author and educator

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