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How to Use AI to Customize Active Play

Can you use AI to customize active learning experiences for students? I recently spoke to educators in Massachusetts at the AI in EDU Summit. One topic I discussed was the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to change the way we personalize learning experiences for students. Although some strategies and tools might already come to mind when we think about creating custom learning experiences for students, combining an AI-powered mobile app with active play isn’t something I had seen before meeting the team at Activ8.

When I first connected with Activ8 last year, I was excited to learn more about their work and partner with them to spread the word about this powerful platform for educators. Today on the blog, we’ll examine how Active8 can help teachers set up students with hands-on, indoor and outdoor active play. They leverage the power of generative AI to give students access to engaging learning experiences away from a screen. It’s this combination of old-school, new-school that I find so appealing. They bring together real, tangible items that kids love with an AI-driving assistant that teachers need. 

Two pickle ball paddles with the Activ8 logo are in focus, one layered over the other. They're partially wrapped in plastic and have a cartoonish design with stars and a character on the orange surface. In the background, there's an open box with a similar playful design and more equipment partially visible, suggesting the unpacking of an Activ8 active play kit.

Let’s dive into Activ8 and this unique way to leverage AI in your learning environment!

Use AI to Customize Active Play (Real, Live Play!)

If you’ve heard educators talking about generative AI this year, there are many reasons it might have come up in conversations. For some of us in education, saving time is high on the list of ways we leverage artificial intelligence. Other educators might put personalized learning or gathering new ideas at the top of their list. Activ8 provides educators with physical game equipment and an AI-powered mobile app that addresses all three items on this list. It just might be the only company in the AI for education space that connects their app to hands-on play. And it’s certainly a reason they stand apart in what is quickly becoming a crowded landscape of AI-powered apps. 

With Activ8’s equipment box and its corresponding PLAI app, you can save time as you work towards your goals of customizing learning experiences for students. The PLAI app gives ideas for games to share with your students. All of the games help get them moving and playing during breaks in the traditional school day.

How does Acitv8 use AI to customize learning active experiences?

If you want to get started with Activ8, here are the steps to follow. First, use this link and the promo code Activ8Monicato order $50 off your first box and three free months of access to PLAI. The boxes are carefully curated to engage students with hands-on activities that promote teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity. 

Next, your box will arrive full of game equipment. I received the Activ8 Launch Box a few weeks ago, and you might have seen the video I posted, which gave you a peek inside. You can use Activ8 with students during recess, before-school gatherings, and after-school clubs; you name it! Teachers talk about “rainy day” recess as a great use case, too.

With the box in-hand, teachers can simply download the PLAI app for inspiration. You’ll tell the app how many students will play a game, the equipment you can access, and your goals for students. These student goals could include teamwork or problem-solving. The context teachers use can be pretty complex as well. For instance, you can indicate not only how many students are involved in an activity, but whether any students need special accommodations.  The more you use the app, the smarter it becomes about the context in which students engage.

A split image: on the left, a laptop displays a webpage with the headline "Experience PLAI" which advertises an AI-powered app for personalized games and activities, aimed at educating and entertaining youth. A button below invites to "Find Out More". On the right, a person is holding an Activ8 welcome card, with a blurred open box in the background.

I love Activ8’s messaging, which allows you to “Open the box, log into the app, and let the students take control.” The combination of physical game equipment and their AI-powered app can put students in the driver’s seat. Educators can purchase just one box for their classroom. Alternatively, schools, districts, and out-of-school programs can also purchase multiple licenses with discounts.

Where In-Between Spaces Make Healthier Places

Regular blog readers and podcast listeners know that I love digital learning experiences. However, I also appreciate the time we spend offline. Having an AI-enabled classroom companion that instantly crafts exciting, tailor-made games and activities for any group of students creates the perfect combination of online and offline experiences. With the PLAI app from Activ8, you can gather game ideas. Then you can share the instructions with students, and put them in the driver’s seat.

Activ8 is designed to maximize the breaks before, during, and after the school day. It makes it easy for students and teachers to incorporate purposeful play. If your goals this year include building empathy, boosting teamwork, or helping students set and achieve goals, Activ8 can certainly facilitate these learning experiences.

Ready to get started with Activ8? Activ8 Boxes are a game-changing toolkit packed with engaging sports equipment for students. Each box, including the new launch box, energizes students and encourages active play. Even with an AI-powered app behind the scenes, the activities can create fun, meaningful connections between students. It can also help you balance digital experiences with offline play.

As mentioned above, you can get a discount on the launch box from Activ8. To get the discount, use this link and the code Activ8Monica. I can’t wait to hear what you think! Feel free to message me on Instagram or reply to any of my Monday email newsletters.

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