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On-Demand Teacher Support for Busy Educators

If you want to support teachers when there is no one to help or when it feels like nobody has time, you’re in the right place. We know that teachers, not programs or platforms, are what make the difference in students’ progress. But how can schools and districts make sure that teachers are strengthening their skills related to instructional best practices? What does on-demand teacher support look like in action?

Today on the blog, we’ll take a look at how you can accelerate student growth through on-demand teacher support. mySmartCoach from engage2learn is an on-demand, personalized coaching system. It’s not a course, but a platform for educators that provides a streamlined, personalized experience for professional learning. mySmartCoach can increase coaching capacity and supports teacher development throughout the school year.

Let’s take a look at how you can personalize teacher support and create a culture of growth at the same time!

On-Demand Teacher Support 

I love this quote from Founder & CEO of engage2learn, Shannon Buerk. It sums up the power of coaching: “Everyone deserves a coach, no one deserves a critic.” So what exactly does mySmartCoach do? mySmartCoach is self-driven and job-embedded professional learning for educators. It is an adaptive learning solution that personalizes the experience for each participating teacher. 

mySmartCoach Laptop

mySmartCoach offers teacher support at every level. New and blossoming teachers, as well as veteran educators, can benefit from using this platform. It’s designed for any educator looking to accelerate learning in their classroom and reach every student.

teacher support - Infographic

The professional learning resources built into this platform are based on extensive expert research. With the goal of boosting educator and student growth, mySmartCoach uses research on best practices in education to help teachers implement new strategies. The educators who use the platform can choose which resources and lessons are the best fit for the way they like to learn. This lets them create a unique professional learning pathway.

At a school and district level, you’ll have access to information that can help you connect your goals for student growth with professional learning. Data and analytics are available through mySmartCoach so that districts can celebrate the advancement and achievements of participating educators.

Support for Busy Educators

If you’ve listened to my Easy EdTech Podcast this year, you know that I’ve shared lots of time-saving tips. As a classroom teacher, I often felt swamped at the end of the day. Sometimes it felt like my to-do list couldn’t get any longer. So you can imagine that my ears perked up when the team behind mySmartCoach shared some of the ways that their dynamic platform can offer support for busy educators.

mySmartCoach provides coaching and learning resources personalized for each educator. You can ensure that every teacher’s time is well spent as they interact with a platform that adapts to their learning styles and growth goals. The on-demand teacher support works with a busy educator’s schedule. Teachers can fit in professional learning at a time that works for them. This could happen during an extra prep period added to their schedule or a day when everyone in the school is dedicating time to their professional learning.

With mySmartCoach you can also save time looking for new teaching strategies and resources. It provides personalized tips for educators based on their professional goals. So you don’t have to spend hours searching online for tips to strengthen a focus skill.

mySmartCoach iPad

Getting Started with mySmartCoach

With the individualized, hands-on professional learning from mySmartCoach, districts can expand their coaching capacity and further the reach of their instructional coaches. This way, you can focus on high-value-add efforts connecting to big and small initiatives this school year. In addition, mySmartCoach can help you offer more intentional teacher support and increase retention rates, all while improving student outcomes!

If you’re committed to a more personalized professional learning experience for your educators, you’ll certainly want to take a look at mySmartCoach. To get a closer look and explore how eSuite with mySmartCoach can deliver on-demand adaptive coaching support to educators in your district, get in touch with their team. Use this link to request more information and see if mySmartCoach is the right fit for your school.

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Blog Author and EdTech Consultant Dr. Monica Burns

Monica Burns

Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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