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11 Reasons to Bring Paper to Your District

Do you use Paper in your district? Your answer to this question might be a quick, “Of course!” but let’s take a step back. Paper (with a capital P) is a platform districts can use to make sure every student has access to the academic support they need. You can bring Paper to your district this year to make sure students have 24/7 academic support!

Earlier this year, I featured Paper on the blog. Paper helps teachers deliver unlimited, around-the-clock academic support for every student in your classroom, school, and district. It offers 24/7 academic support for students in three core areas: homework help, writing feedback, and study support. 

Since Paper is a district-wide tool, I wanted to share a handful of reasons to bring Paper to your district. We’ll take a look at exactly what this powerful platform can bring to your students, classroom, and district!

Reasons to Bring Paper to Your District

Before diving into the list, let’s tackle the question, What is Paper? Paper is a platform that gives students the ability to get support any time they need it. Students can use Paper’s platform to get help right away with any homework problem. Teachers can monitor when students log in to Paper to ask for help and see problems are posing a challenge. Students can also use Paper to get writing feedback and use the detailed feedback they receive to help develop writing skills. 

Paper gives students access to study support to reinforce classroom learning experiences after the school day has ended. So you can imagine there are many reasons teachers would want to bring Paper into their district. Let’s dive into the list of 11 reasons!

Reach every student 

Through homework help, writing feedback, and study support, Paper is for every student in your district. Since Paper includes a district-wide implementation, every student can log in to the platform and get the help they need. Every student can log in and access help from an expert, across all content areas and grade levels in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

Learn how you can bring Paper to your district this year to make sure students have 24/7 academic support throughout the school year.

Save teachers time 

Paper offers 24/7 support so students can get the help they need any time of day. This support can include a first look at student writing so teachers can focus their time on giving students writing feedback deeper into the writing process.

Help students build confidence

The one-to-one support offered by Paper can help students tackle challenging homework problems and build the confidence to ask for help. Students can log in anytime they need extra support.

Use your tools

Paper can help you make the most of the digital tools you already have. There isn’t an extra investment; instead, your students can access Paper on the devices they already use throughout the school day, including Chromebooks, tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Have the support of 24/7 TAs

With Paper, students have access to around-the-clock support. So it’s like having a teaching assistant for your class (TA) that students can reach out to anytime they need help. Tutors use the Socratic method to guide students through problem-solving. 

Learn how you can bring Paper to your district this year to make sure students have 24/7 academic support throughout the school year.

Personalize your instruction

Paper helps teachers truly personalize instruction, knowing you have tutors to help support all of your learners. Tutors can use whiteboarding, file sharing, and chat to provide expert help across all content areas and grade levels in four languages.

Get insight on student learning

With Paper’s teacher dashboard, you can see what your students are requesting help on and tailor your lessons and goals to reflect that. This dashboard gives you insight into student learning that can inform future instruction. The administrator dashboard view provides visibility into student usage of Paper, identifies student support needs, and provides a monthly administrator report.

Interactive training

The asynchronous, interactive training (called Paper Trail) lets you learn about all the ways to make the most of Paper. You can work through it at your own pace to learn how to personalize your instruction and use all of the great features in Paper.

Access exclusive PD

Part of your district-wide access to Paper includes exclusive professional learning opportunities. Called Paper Pointers, you can hear from experts on timely topics, join office hours and learn more about how our tutors stimulate critical thinking to support students.

Leverage a teacher toolkit

You can maximize your use of Paper with their unique teacher toolkit. Called Construction Paper, it includes access to plug-and-play activities, helpful videos, and teacher testimonials to offer inspiration and ideas you can use right away.

Get more fuel to do the work that you love

During a challenging school year, Paper is an especially compelling choice for your district. It can help you prioritize your time building student relationships and creating engaging lessons while still giving students the personalized support you know they need.

BONUS #12 Benefit

There are live (and on-demand) student enrichment activities through Club Paper! These can help expand on classroom learning in fun, interactive ways.

Ready to get started with Paper? If Paper isn’t in your district yet, head to this page to learn more about giving every student access to 24/7 support throughout the school year. You can also follow Paper on social media on Facebook and on Instagram and Twitter.

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